My next 5* red

Hi all,

finally I have 6 more rings and I can ascend a second red 5* hero.
I’m really undecided!

I already have a not bad red roster:
Marjana, Boldtusk, Lancelot, Falcon, Gormek all maxed.

My choices are:

  • Azlar
  • Khagan
  • Elena
  • a second Marjanna
  • Gravemaker (did anyone evaluate it in Beta?)
  • wait, even 6 months. I already have a good roster

I’m currently more oriented on Titans and War.
Any suggestion is welcome!

Thanks in advance

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what does the rest of your team look like? Do you need a tank (Alzar), otherwise I might wait as they are going to push out new heroes with the 2 new events.

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Def grave… I’m antsy waiting…

Very fast spd red too

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yes either Grave or wait… No announcement on when they will be out but there are images of a new event roaming around.

new events? is it for this month?

I would expect word from beta to hit here quickly when a new event is being tested, though not much on what it is at first, like the word that matching fixes are being tested now came out quickly. There’s been nothing I’ve seen so far.
I doubt we’ll see any major new content like new events until after the next alliance wars tweaks. Though I would love to be proven wrong on that.
Edit: Which means I would expect Pirates again next week.

Azlar is more than a tank. He takes out whole teams almost with one hit…
He’s durable, but his offense is to be feared more than his tanking ability

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Elena is underrated as well. But I’m holding on to my Ascension items for Gravemaker.

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