My new hero

so I got this new hero. Should I put him with a weaker team or my most powerful team?

Great hero I’d like one, keep levelling play around with your rosta see what works but is one of the best tanks in the game !

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I’m a huge fan of Yunan, but most people shy away from slow heroes. I think most slow heroes are as viable as any other must-use, must-have hero out there. They do often time require some extra training and testing to maximize their contribution to your team.

Having said that, here’s a few things I recommend in regards to Yunan.


  • He’s great on heal aid wars as he prevents the defense from over healing during this war effect.

Damage Over Time

  • Pair him with other DoT heroes whenever possible to maximize damage. i.e. Gravemaker, Clarissa, Sartana, Marjana, Chesire Cat or Jabberwock…

Team Building
This is probably the most important aspect to slow heroes. Hero chemistry. Maximizing their specials/damage is one thing, but you still need to max their mana first.

Consider pairing him with other heroes that will keep him alive long enough to fire at least once.

Attack control:
These include heroes that remove attack buffs, reduce attack damage or decrease a heroes accuracy (aka blind).

Mana control:
Any hero that can reduce the mana speed of the defense and/or any hero that can increase the mana speed of your slow hero.

Defense boost:
Pretty self explanatory, add heroes that can boost your defense.

I think a good solid team for Yunan would have a combination of at least 2/3 of these other types of heroes. It’s not as easy sometimes as just adding him into a weak or strong team as very few heroes alone have that type of impact on a team. He can’t single handedly make your team that much better. Always consider what the strengths and weaknesses of any hero are and build on that…

Bottom line is you’ll probably have to do some testing of teams until you find the right balance and the best fit, but I still believe Yunan is a very solid and capable hero… Good luck !


Who’s on your most powerful team already? What other options do you have for putting in this team of yours?

Im not sure if i get your point here. First of all he is in an early stage, so until you cannot max him i suggest you to work in those heroes you can fully develope like 3* star heroes or 4* if you have the mats

Team 1-2-3-4-5Screenshot_20200713-165504


i think i would put him in my strongest team


Congrats on the pull, great summon!

That being said your heroes don’t expire on your roster. Seeing what you have I think your best bet is to focus on getting more 3’s and 4’s maxed prior to starting Yunan.

This may be presumptuous, but you likely don’t have the materials to max him yet and, even if you do, the resource strain to max a 5* that early will really hamper any progress anywhere else.

Please don’t take that as a slight, just personal experience to try and help you avoid some headaches.

When you do get him maxed though I thought @Wormwood laid it out well.

Good luck though and congrats again! :+1:


Ok thank you I will level the others up first I have been trying to get him a little up there

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