My Natalya in max level only gives 700 of damage( instead of 808)

Today I’ve maxed my Natalya and she’s only 700 damage instead of 808 :frowning:

700 is correct. Where did you get 808?

Her dot (damage over time) correlates with her attack stat. Since defending heroes get a 20% buff and troops are also pushing the attackstat the dot increases.


The card has a static number. But on the battle your attack changes with your troops and so will Natalya special. Try and look the same way of the picture you posted. It won’t be 700. May not get to 808 because it depends on your troop.

:blush: You’re right, I’ve tested here now maxed and she’s even over those 808!!

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Issue solved. Grats on your maxed Natalya! :slight_smile:

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