My "most powerful hero" changed...why?

I was checking my level percent when I noticed Victor was no longer listed as my most powerful hero. Poseidon had taken his place…huh?

I had them both maxed at fourth node for awhile now with no changes since I last looked. I’m puzzled by this and wonder if anyone has a good reason for ahy this happened.


Any chance you used some emblems on Poseidon?

Atlantis has risen.

20 tidal waves


Poseidon just reached a higher power level than Vic due to his better overall stats. It’s sth like the hero summary level.

Vampires only come out at night?


Vic hurt his pinky toe on his coffin ?


Vic drained himself of his powers by mistake. :wink:

Yep, I can’t explain it either

Is there a chance that you have updated the troops? My understanding is that troops affect the stats of the hero they’re attached to.

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Nope, that doesn’t count in.


I think they only do so during gameplay, when idle in the roster every hero has his own stats only.

@Bud, you can try and take both of them off any team and check again to make sure they are not being affected by the troops.

Victor maxes at 773 CP, while Poseidon maxes at 775 CP. And it’s been that way since the Card Power change back in v15. If they’re at the same emblem level, Poseidon will always be more powerful.


Agreed, but, why did it take time to change. There was a troop level change.

The most likely answer is that you put emblems into Poseidon which raised his hero power above Victor. If you posts pics of both heroes it’s easy for us to tell you what happened.

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Good question. It’s not a feature I’ve ever paid attention to in-game, and I don’t know how it is supposed to work, vis a vis troops etc.

OP says nothing changed, emblem-wise, when the switch happened. This is the sort of thing where a few pairs of eyes often helps, since it’s easy for me to misremember time sequencing on stuff like that. If it were I, I’d just chalk it up to my memory. But OP could easily have eidetic memory, or have something specific that happened which makes them confident on the sequencing…

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I’ve seen eidetic, I think

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Ok guys I don’t post a ton but I had to here. This literally just happened to me.

I had Seshat leveled to 815 and she was my top hero. She was listed their n my profile. I literally did a double take today when I saw Poseidon there.

He is 815 too, but has been. When I initially leveled Seshat to max even, he was already at 815. (I just assume he was, I know he was my top hero and I know I haven’t classed him since)

I remember clearly looking at my top hero showing Seshat not 3 days back. Today it’s Poseidon. I wear I thought he got buffed or something bc I know what I saw before.

Still I was going to chalk it up to not remembering classing Poseidon UNTIL I saw this…

Seems an awfully big coincidence the same “mis-remembering” event occurred for another guy with the exact same situation and the exact same hero. Does Poseidon cause amnesia?

If Seshat and Poseidon are at the same CP level, then it seems like there’s something arbitrary about which one the profile manager chooses to display. Idea – could it have to do with the sort order you use for heroes? Under the default, sort by element, Seshat precedes Poseidon. Did you re-sort by something different? Or put Poseidon on a lower-numbered team than Seshat?

I wonder if the base power before embleming has anything to do with it. Poseidon is 775 so it would take 8 Class levels to get him to 815. Seshat is 770 so it would take 9 Class levels to get her to 815. Tie goes to the hero with the higher base power? I dunno.

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