My monster chest disappeared when I clicked on it

Hello, I just clicked on my monster chest that got completed after some time delay and it flashed at me and just disappeared without a window, where you can see what you received to claim. My ham supply stayed at the same level, so I can’t even tell what, if anything, was added to my account after opening the chest. … Definitely different from all the previous ones and the only actual gain I can recognize was a basic summon token.
In general I am having tons, and I mean tons of freezing issues, where I lose energy points or keys and I keep sending the alerts when it happens as the game advises, but never any reply back from you. I have most of screenshots of the game failures if you need them.
Please advise and thank you for your help!
Zimka Olga

go to Options >>> Support >>> Recent Activity
but please note that it will only shows 3* items and above, so ham, iron and any thing less than 3* wont show

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That’s an awesome feature that I didn’t know about until now. Thanks!


you are welcome and hope you have found the chest items :slight_smile:

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