My Mod appreciation rave

Well. to liven this place back up, for i think that is why i was tagged?, but anyway, Mods, @zephyr1, @littleKAF, @Rook, @DaveCozy, i think this wouldn’t be a forum without you. ya’ll’s sense of humor and devotion is a fine thing. and when you wonder why you do this, come to this thread, and let it be a light to guild you during your darkest times on the Forum. We love you, or I do, and thank you, for being, well, you. :wink:


I knew tagging would bring you over @Saphirra

We need to bump this post up more!

With all the negativity, all we need is an overflow of positivity to show our Mod Squad how much we appreciate all the hard work they put into this forum.

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here comes the bump up :heart_eyes: thanks to our wonderful mods, and to the rest of the posters who help keep the forums clean, safe and fun for all.


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