My latest 10x elememtal draw

I know nothing is guaranteed but…I received 10 3* …what gives !!! That is wrong Devs

I have done 4 x 10 summons ended up with predominantly 3’s, and a few 4’s and only 1 5.

I feel your pain…I (and I am sure many others) have had that happen many times :sob:. However, I have on a few occasions received more than my fair share of luck. Win some, lose some (although losing some appears to be a bit more frequent!). Makes the winning all the sweeter!

Also I am at Training Camp 20. On my 17th try I finally got a 5. The others were 15 3’s and one 4. I have been playing intensively for nearly a year, am at level 49, have spent at least $1000, yet only have 3 53’s to show for it!

IIRC (and I stand to be corrected), the odds of a 5* hero from TC 20 are 5% and a 4* is 20%. So a 5* in your 17th pull is about right but you are more unlucky in the 4* area.


Yeah…Happened to me once as well. HOWEVER the draw prior to that I received mostly 5 Stars!

Do you play Beginner Events? Alliance War? Don’t toss those 3* aside so quickly. You can definitely use them. :wink:


I learned that lesson (feeding 3*s) the hard - and expensive - way @Rook! :man_facepalming:

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Yes I do but already have levelled 3* …2 in each colour! Its extremely disappointing to not draw even 1 4*

My first 4* came from a TC13* after many months of playing. Got a few more that way, a few from a lucky spend, and the rest from TC20.

You will get them. If not by one method, then another. :slight_smile:

* Training Camp 13

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