My last midnight pull for a Guardian Hero

So just before bed I looked at my gems and had 425 left. I had played about eight pulls and two epic tokens over the last two days with just bad luck. I thought what the heck let’s do one more guardian draw! Maybe I should do more midnight pulls😀


I opened this ‘midnight pull’ thread wondering which way this was going to go… glad I got a PG version (albeit still with a happy ending)!


Well played. Well played.

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You are the luky type. I have spent 10.100 gems in this first 10 days of the month, 3 x 10 plus other single summons, and got only 5 x 4* plus the usual rubbish.
Not wasting any other cents on this lottery.

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I did a 10 pull when the guardian event started. Didn’t got what I wanted. This morning thought I can still miss 600 gems. So I did two summons. It didn’t end that happy. Only got 2x 3*…

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Definitely not the lucky type Lol,this is just the RARE RANDOM luck of the game Gods smiling down on me.It does happen and I like to share the occasional good luck and maintaining a positive attitude.:grinning:

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