My ideea would be for X-mas presents

Talking in alliance chat and decided to write here also.
My idea is for x-mas players to be able to send 1 ascension item to someone from alliance as present.

downside (i really can’t see)
upside: an item you have 20…30 times maybe its just there sitting and you don’t need it. make someone happy

PS: I only started playing this year so don’t know if something like this was before on x-mas

If alliances were all stable and immutable, then this would be a lovely idea. Unfortunately this idea could be abused unless there were some safeguards:

  1. Gifts could only go to someone in the alliance before the gifting was announced. Otherwise, people will shift alliances to work out trades or to transfer items from secondary accounts to primary.
  2. One gift given or received per person. Otherwise an alliance leader could extort tribute from members.

I agree with the timing and some limitations. I’d like to see it as one gift given AND one gift received, rather than either/or.

That would allow players within the alliance to work out a trade, but only once. It would allow each member of the alliance to gift one item. If you did the either/or, only half of the alliance would be able to give gifts because the other half had received them

Yep, I had meant that each player could give one gift and receive one gift. Needn’t be from/to the same person, as there might some more complex trades (e.g. 3-way) that can be negotiated.

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There’s already a big thread about trading between players:

I understand the original idea was about sending gifts not trading; however, how @Kerridoc pointed out, there are many ways to abuse transferring valuable items.

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