My idea list


my ideas that i think would benefit the game:
Titans: you need a bigger variety. they pretty much all do 1 of two things. damage all or damage all and 1 effect.
-a titan that casts 3 or 4 effects or even hits each hero with a random effect or two.
-titan that throws out block effects (see below)
-titan with multiple targets (ie body and 2 arms) each piece attacks heros. stuns would only effect the part hit. each piece has its own hit point total. this would lead to alliance strategy, wanting to take out specific parts first, especially if each part does something different. (“the left arm causes burn. take it out fast!”)
also, this would give some new life to AoE heroes.
-rare titan: treasure goblin. each successful strike by 3 gems causes the goblin to drop items (ranging from basic herbs up to summon tokens or ascension mats) this titan would get the alliance all wanting to take hits asap (probably even using flasks so that they get more time against it)

block effects: you already have a cool one (pun intended) in the winter event. add to it and use it more often. these could be used in more events, challenges, special quests, or very effectively by titans.
-freeze blocks- you already use these
-burn- causes a DoT to hero of matching gem color
-weaken- causes defense down to matching hero
-blind- causes blind (obviously) to matching hero
-poison-slows mana regen to matching hero

-rainbow stone: consumable item: max 5 can be taken into combat. has the ability to change gems on screen of 1 color to gems of another color. use it to change all the blue gems to purple. think the draw 4 card in UNO.
or instead of changing all that are already on screen it changes all incoming gems to the new color for 4 turns.
-caltrop- has random effect on enemy- it could poison, blind, weaken… maybe even has rare chance of instakill.

loot tables: people have gone on at length about the quality of loot in rewards so i don’t really need to go into much detail there. my suggestion here is less about quality (though feel free to raise that up) and more about quantity. getting your chest filled for the day (or especially the titan chest) and getting 1 metal ore, or a whopping 1 midnight root is so underwhelming that its really quite a letdown. instead, drop me 5 midnight roots, 2-3 orichalcum pieces… etc. that way even if i’m not getting an ascension item, i’m at least getting something of value and i feel i was actually rewarded.

as has been said before, ranking it so that only 10 people actually get anything of value is a quick way to make 99% of your players not give a ■■■■ about an event. the top spots are almost always the same players and most people don’t bother to try and score higher. i completed intermediate and never gave a second thought to playing a round over. heck, i actually have a good team of 3* heroes
and i didn’t even bother to play through the beginner stages. the completion reward was meh.
the energy of the players regarding the events has seemed to dwindle over the last few months. there is no excitement over the events and many people are barely completing them if at all.
change the way rewards are done. set score goals for the rewards that are not dependant on the scores of other players. ie: 250k gets you the lowest reward, 550k gets you the highest. this alone would cause myself (and i’m sure many players) to actually try and score higher on events. i would actually replay stages to climb those tiers. people would actually use their flasks and try again.
i mean, feel free to still keep track of highest score. you could even have something special for the top notch player (they deserve recognition for being the best)

-scavenge resources needs an update. its practically worthless. don’t reward my 8 flags with 2 iron bars. its not worth it. these are supposed to be REWARDS for completing challenges. its not all that rewarding compared to a regular grinding in the field. similar to what i’ve said about, you need to dish out more rewards for it. increase the stack to 5 or 10 of those items and i might consider trying for it, otherwise, i’m just gonna autobattle in the field and probably get just as good, if not better, rewards.
-recruit i- is not worth the flags either. again, this is a challenge that just isn’t worth doing. raise the amount of recruits per flag used.

training camps-
-TCs 14-18 are a bad joke. not worth researching at all. they need to be replaced with something worthwhile. guaranteed 3* or above, or much faster train time… something.

just a few of my ideas, i’ll add more as they pop up. no, i don’t expect any of them to be implemented, but i hope they do something new soon, i really don’t want this game to get stale.


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Interesting ideas here, some that echo ideas kicked around before.

I particularly like:

  • more variety in titans. Why are they all AoE? Why do none heal or buff?
  • rethink TC levels. Almost nobody uses TC 14-18. Repurpose these to build troops from recruits, guaranteed 2*,chance of 3* or 4*
  • update reward quantities for crafting items in quests and chests. Why does anyone do the scavenge resources challenge?