My Idea for Useless Trophies


Trophies are just for bragging rights and alliance points at this stage of the game.

My sugestion to the devs would be…why not give a player with a certain amout of trophies a perk.

Lets say at 200 trophies you get an additional 20% increase in food or iron production.

At 500 trophies you get 10% decrease in time on crafting.

At 1000 trophies get a 10% reduction in time for building upgrades.

Now this can be decreased or increased the higher the cups…but you would want people to GAIN from trophies…so the more they have the better the rewards should be.

How about a better droprate for loot on missions for a person who has 1500 cups etc.?

This is just some idea of what can be done to make trophies more than bragging rights


I do agree with this suggestion. As a newbie, after reading some of the topics here, I am a bit disappointed as to what trophies in raids would bring to a player. If it’s simply bragging rights or battling with a higher opponent, then there’s not much use on the trophies (just saying). If a perk for reaching a certain number of trophies is given, players would want to put themselves on top.


My point exactly…although you have to raid to fill your hero chest. You would want to fill your hero chest ( also the monster and titan chest) if you want a chance to get a purple chest ( epic chest)