My husband Lost His game Entirely

My husband who has been playing since December of 2018 could not get into his game this morning before work! I reset our router, and when he came home from work to play in the AW, his game was completely lost. It started him back as a newbie! These types of issues are totally unacceptable and need to be fixed immediately! He is of course now trying to file a support ticket with his account number to retrieve his game! Very frustrating to him and to everyone in our Alliance. I fail to see why the devs cannot assure there will be no crashes like this during the middle of the week when they have overloaded with so many events on one day! Very disappointed in SG and compensation is surely appreciated for him if and when he can retrieve his game that he put so much effort into! Thxs!

He is prolly signed out of his google account…


Yikes! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with that.

I’d definitely make sure the Google or Apple account is signed in as a first step.

It sounds like you already checked the Support site, but I’d make sure these steps are covered too:

Failing that, I’d make sure to carefully follow these steps:

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Sorry…he is not…all his other Google games are working fine!

This happened to me and I about had a mini stroke (seriously) until i figured it out. My phone rebooted and I had a new version of Empires n Puzzles on my phone. So I signed into my I pad and ( huge sigh of relief) it pulled up in Game Center. Another time I switched my I phone to android (BIG regret lol) and the same thing happened. I thought I had lost it again and I spend lots on this game. But then the angels started singing and I was able to find it through Google play. Words of Hope…The game is somewhere saved unless it was never backed up. Hope y’all find it


I went under Google play and found the game data. Just downloading the game itself only provided a new version for me. He will need to go to Google play where his game account was backed up to and download a new app from there. This is how i found my game -Once in iTunes game center and then google play after the switch.


You should be thankful. Maybe he will pay more attention to you. :slight_smile:


I know you meant that as a joke, but since we both play in the same alliance, I get plenty of attention from him. It’s not funny to him though as he has worked very hard! Thanks for your empathy!

You know what they say-a family that plays together stays together


A big shoutout to SG for promptly retrieving my husband’s lost in space game data! After going through Google play I was able to email them directly this morning and his game was restored at 8:30 pm est. Also thank you to all who gave tips and commiserate with us! We love E&P, our Alliance, and this community!


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