My heros i leveled up are slow 😰

Yes i understand now
But mostly iam not pushing on raids coz all are slow so iam starting to think about using LI or Chao and other 4* to help me but leveling them up is kinda problem now . Resources are very limited :cry:

Working on 5* without having the mats for them is a big mistake.

Do not give any feeders to 5*, you need to work on your 3* and 4* heroes so that you can build more depth.


Ok which 4* is better to use for Raids

Boldtusk, Cheshire Cat, Chao, Gormek. Do you have the mats to max a 4* hero? Do you have any maxed 3* heroes? If not, Balthazar, Gill-Ra are solid heroes who should be maxed.

It’s difficult to give you advice when we can only see 15 of your heroes. Are the rest of your heroes 1* and 2*?


It really depends. For attack, it depends on your opponent, choose heroes which are strong against them. If you attack a Boril or Cyprian for example, you want to bring a dispeller.

As you build your team and get more heroes, you will be able to try different combinations and tactics. Threads like this are a good starting point.

If you are choosing a defense, you usually want to pick one of each color.

But if you only started playing 3 weeks ago, you should probably start with your 3* heroes first. I doubt you will already have the materials to fully ascend your 4s, or even your 5s.

Here’s a good starting point for reading up:

This thread is a list of useful links to really good information available here.

Define better

To put you on the ground:
You’ll start with 3* heroes, when you have the materials, you’ll move on to 4* and finally you’ll move on to 5*. This is not a “zack - ready” game. You will need a lot of patience, think about which heroes you want to make a team. For this you have to get to know your heroes. Test your combinations in single player mode, learn their strengths and weaknesses and play different combinations. Then you will have a wide collection of heroes and then you can go on.

Don’t worry about raids for now. You are not yet ready to start thinking about which heroes are “better”.


Especially your 5*'s. It’s not just the mats required but the huge amount of feeders, time, and grinding. For beginners they take months to max, and in the meantime your progress in the game has stalled. Trust me, I know from bitter experience :grimacing:


Yes the rest either fed or 2* /1*

It’s too early to be feeding away 3* heroes. You can fully level them much earlier than 4s or 5s. And there’s a lot of later game content that is restricted to 3s (3 Tier of challenge events, Raid tournaments).

Yeah, I had a brain fart there. wanted to say “much less your 5*s” :rofl:


Arrrgh my likes are still in cooldown.


I liked for you. :grin:


Start with your best 3*. they will be great for tournaments and events were you’ll gain more stuff., Then the best 4*. Only after you have capacity to put 3 or 4 Training camps doing feeders, you go to up the 5*.


Thx Alot dears for all ur help. Now the situation is a little different
I hve a rainbow of 3* heros : bane - hawkmoon - gunnar- brienne - balthazar all are almost ascended and some of them custome

Now iam working on 4* heros
And iam planning for Mist - grimm - BT - little john/ Li Xiu- stonecleave/ tiburtus
Wut u think?!!

You have more and better heroes than me.
Damn… I hope not to see you in Raid. Would end badly for me

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Hhhhhh dont worry these r still toddlers… wait till level them up

In 5 months the picture changed
All mana troops
This is my defense plus another 4x 5* and alot of maxed 4* heroes
Thanks for all ur advices


This is a very very nice Defense Team. Congrats

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Thank you :pray: u all helped me alot at the begining

After 13 months … how days changes everything… thanks alot for all ur help my friends … my current defense in fouble formation :relieved:


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