My heroes feel free to share yours :)


Firstly, welcome welcome to the forum @Landonthelord.

So, what is your topic for discussion? Baffled :dizzy_face:?!


There is a great way to do this and is promoted in the forums, So, here is my roster

Nice roster (you).


Thank you, didn’t know about it, will mess with it this week.

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Here my roster. I finished Odin and now i wil do a red hero. Im hesitating between Elena, Garnet and mitsuko.
Then i will probably do Krampus, though fenrir and Glenda are very useful too

Lastly, im leveling Buddy that i got this christmas, and im thinkin in burning 6 tonics in horghall(i have 12)


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Glenda has not proven useful for much of anything for me… Sorely disappointed, Fenrir is nice though.

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My roster.

I dont update it everytime I increase level. Normally just when reach a new ascension point.

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I’m new to this forum thanks for welcoming me


How do I view my roster threw that mode if I’m on my cellphone?

Sarah2 wow you are experienced on this forum

U got lots of experience for along time on here :slight_smile:

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I can’t seem to do this with my cellphone

My Roster:

Slow Progress

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How do I look at mine in that mode?

Go to with your internet browser. Create account and add you Heroes

Trying to figure it out

Seems like a pc thing not a cellphone mode

Oh I can do it i gotta like write down all my heroes and enter them manually EVO

I thought I gave you the link to both the site and my roster. For sure I have more screen real estate than you but checking out the thread dedicated to may give you some tips as more than 67% of players play on mobile. I like the tool so much I donated. @GDIBass has done a killer job.

Good luck and happy gaming.


Well, don’t laugh too much at my misfortune!


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