My heroes doesn't charge their mana equally

As you can see in the picture, I have 4 fast heroes and one is average…the problem is: Evelyn, fast… it’s not fully charged, like the other 3 heroes, and no…none of my heroes fired… And Telluria, witch is average, have more mana …
This is not normal, and it’s really annoying losing a battle because of that kind of bugs…More annoying if this happens in war :angry::angry::angry:

What is your troop assignment? Mana troops boost mana generation. Some skills like delay from sorcerers can delay it also.
What was the hero you already killed, a sorcerer?

Did LoL fire? Her minions remove mana from whoever they hit

Most likely Evelyn got delayed by LOTL’s sorcerer talent. :slight_smile:


No, none of the heroes fired…

None of the opponent heroes fired

Sorcerer talent can kick in from any damage done by a sorcerer.

This includes normal slash damage.

Based on the screenshot you showed initially, I am pretty confident (like 99% so) that Evelyn got hit by Lady of the Lake with a slash attack & it gave her the mana slow (-50% mana generation for a couple turns).


A sorcerer can slow an opponents mana generation without firing her special, it’s enough with a slash attack as explained above.

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@Akhal You don’t need to get mana charged! Normal damage can trigger this also as @Guvnor was trying to tell you earlier. You just maybe didn’t notice it at the time Lady of the Lake triggered her talent.

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