My Hero Roster

This is my current Hero Roster… I’d like to get some input on a good defense team lineup… Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Bold - Eve - Richard - Claus - Viv

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Would swap Richard and Santa in your suggested rainbow. Due to Santas slow mana, I’d put him as tank instead of Richie.

The problem with a slow tank is that a color stacked offense usually wipes him/her out before the special even goes off.

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Okay, that’s also a good point.

I often kill slows flanked or winged before going off even without a counter stack. Heavy, slow tanks mostly at least fire once, even if I bring 3 stacked of the strong color.

4 or mono is pure board luck and I avoid that in raids and wars.

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Thanks, I’ll try that combo and see how it works out

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