My hero disappeared

I switched out a 5* lvl 70 hero (thoth) sp? For a titan team, when I returned to my heros to switch back he was gone.

Did you level any heroes in between using him? Accidents happen, that’s why I make sure to lock any heroes I don’t want to take a chance losing.

Other than that, triple check your hero list that he isn’t just hiding in plain sight.

Next best thing you can do is send in a support ticket from in-game. I’ve never actually heard of heroes just disappearing but I don’t doubt that it’s happened before. Good luck and I hope he returns home safely!

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My hero Delilah, disappeared from my main team.
And it does not appear as an option to be able to choose it in editing equipment.
But if it appears on the team for the clan war, but if I edit that team does not appear as an eligible option.

If you used her for an attack in a war, then you cannot use her again that war.

Each hero is only able to attack once every war.

OMG I had this happen to me today! Exact same thing. I also know I had him locked, and I know I had done no training. I collect heros until I’m full so I can up my chance of increasing special skills upgrade. He was just GONE. It’s so not fair because we spend so much time working to get these characters leveled up just to have it go away. I am seriously thinking about giving up the game. Trying to hold out for a response to my ticket, but it’s hard to get into it now when my strongest guy just vanished. :frowning:

Sppoked, what does “lock” mean? I do not know how to submit a support ticket. I am fairly new to the game.

Hi calc,

If you click on a hero in your inventory, you can lock them to prevent accidentally Feeding them away. You just click on the little lock icon in the upper left corner to close it (click again to reopen it).

If you need to submit a support ticket, here’s how:

Thank you. I submitted 3 help tickets and now I cannot lig in any longer. :frowning:

The only issue I’ve seen traffic on related to logging in recently is here:

Does trying SG’s proposed fix solve your problem?

I do not have an android. I think developers kicked me. :confused:

My tickets were all ignored.:disappointed:

Why do you think that?

I was able to log in to the support section. After I submitted 3 support tickets, I can no longer log in. Do not have android. Cannot think of another explanation.

No place to go for help to figure it out. Checked on forum and web searches with no resolve.

When you submit a support ticket, you get an email from the system confirming your ticket. Have you tried replying to one of those emails?

I did do that and was ignored. No reply. No resolve. No follow up.


@Petri sounds like there may be some issue here, but it’s definitely beyond my ability to give advice about. I’m not sure what to recommend at this point

Please note that reply on service tickets may take some time.
They are not instantly reviewed and adressed.
You will get a reply on the provided email adress when it is solved (or question for more information).

@Garanwyn; I guess I need more :coffee: and wake up, didn’t notice that…

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Yeah, but this is from back in March. I think it’s safe to say we’re outside the normal response time window :slightly_smiling_face:

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Always happens to me in the morning too! I need at least a cup or two before opening the forum :laughing: