My guys special ability

So I leveled my guy up to Max and his special is only 7 outta 8 do I have to feed him more???

Aghhhhhhh yes…
100% guarantee to level up using 10 x 1* or 5 x 2* heros of the same colour - at 8 out of 8 you’ll unlock the talent grid. There are lots of threads on this topic. The search icon, top right hand corner is a great (but under used) forum tool.

Edit - Like this one. Kailani at max level but no talent grid appears

Good luck.


Yes, you will need to feed more one or two star heroes. They should increase chance of special increase by 10% abd 20% respectively when you are maxxed.

I wasn’t sure how it worked feed him a few didn’t get it so I spent all my hams cleared train camp off my board to get enough for 100% wasn’t take any chances

I tried to but could not find it … Lol we already need enough paitents in the game haha …

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