My "green village"

Hi, brothers in arms; I would like to collect some expert opinions…


I would like to switch Buddy with a green 5*, and pass all his emblems to Khagan.

So…this is my “green village” at the moment: ELKANEN HORGHALL MARGARET and FATA MORGANA

Can you help me with your opinions, suggestions and experiences? Wich green? What about positioning?

Thanx :wink:

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Buddy is great. Don’t you dare to take his emblems away! :angry:


You’re right, my friend…so this is a very painful decisione for me! But I think that I have to take it in order to progress :sweat_smile:

I would do Morgan Le Fay and have her switch spots with Khagan:

Thorne | Onatel | Kunchen | Khagan | Morgan

She’s a pain in the butt to kill with her life drain and elemental defense to fire.

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I dont think taking emblems from buddy is progress.

I have progressed pretty far in the game and have buddy at 12 emblems.

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I love my little Buddy … He’s earned his emblems!

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Put me down as +1 in the “Don’t Bury Battlin’ Buddy Backlash Brigade”!

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Ok ok…“nobody’s touching my Buddy” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But I would like to know your opinions about Le Fay…:wink:

Margaret replace buddy

Onatel - Khagan - Kunchen - Margaret - Thorne