My goodness (highest TP?)


Wow. 4832 TP. And those are classic legendary heroes on their costumes. Wow.

Why did you replace Lianna with Telly in your actual regular raid defense right now?

@cleshuk daamn thats awesome. I will never get there. Congrats on that team.

Starting to become more common, nice pulling.

Hello, my intention is to doulble lb all of the double costumes. Im curious to how high the defence can go. Im on 5532 atm and have one more level left on Elkanen to do. I think 5950 ish will be the end result give or take. May take a decade but I’ll get there.


Must be nice to have that goal. That’s out of reach for 99.99% of us.

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If I had a decade or something I might be able to answer that question. :laughing:

More interestingly that team has a S1 base to it which is far more achievable than many other 5* line-ups despite the costumes.

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Honestly I got very lucky in costume pulls

This team looks so adorable now :slight_smile:
At the moment some 3* teams are tougher than that.

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I love the exact 6k TP