My goodness (highest TP?)


these are the defence lineups I use more frequently:

But I’ve seen several higher defences!


With lvl 30 troops. I though that was only available back in playstation days…lol.

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How about the purple troops, level 30 and a level 26 troop !

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Highest TP I ever saw

Lost the first attack, won the second one


Look at this player, my God :slight_smile:

Congrats man on this wow wow wow.

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He must be buying the emblems!
Could be much higher with playstation level troops though.

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I got soooooo lucky to pull a Wu Kong as one of my first 4*s in yellow… he rocketed me forward so fast to getting emblems, winning raids, completing the elemental Quests. Watching him do his work on Titans is also phenomenal.


:heart: Wu Kong. I was apprehensive about him at first, but since leveling him up and using him for basically everything, he has become my favorite hero in my roster. :smile:

:thinking: Same guy I met 2 days ago…

Piff… Or rather pfft…

Luck>Talent :sunglasses::wink:

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There is a lot players now over 4420tp I focused on most emblems.

Haha magic man. Congrats on the team, brutal.


He’s a tad stronger now… :wink:

Met this team in tournament, although I won, I lost to other teams with less power, but more dangerous heroes.


Holy cow patties! Where are these guys getting their emblems from!?!

Either they’re chewing through titans like crazy, or there’s a secret sale going on somewhere…:thinking:

Merc rare titans… that’s all


Deep pockets - thats the answer. Buying every emblem offer there is, skipping chests, paying to stay in the tournament etc.

If they are getting into the top 100 regularly in the RaidT’s then they are getting a lot of extra emblems. Even at top 1% and 5% its a nice additional flow of emblems.

Where do that info come from? I open my chest in top 100 very often, but get the same crap like in low diamond.

Edit: You meant tournaments. Isn’t there same loot for top 1%, no matter if 1st or 10000th?

There are no chests in RaidT…rewards are given at the end of the tourney…

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Good question. I have only place in top 100 twice, and both times it felt like better loot than 1%, but with RNG I could have just been lucky. I’m sure someone knows and will comment.

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