My global and alliance chat suddenly disappears

good day dear ladies and gentlemen,
my global and alliance chat suddenly disappears.
Please correct the error!

Thank you so much!

Best regards

You can toggle it on and off, just press the textbubble button :slight_smile:

Nobody can read me in chat.
I write something.
when i watch the chat switch and back in alliance chat it is gone.
Here is a screenshot of errors.
nobody can read me in chat!

Please correct the error!

wait for an answer.

Thank you so much!

@NIHAT - you will have to submit a support ticket - game support does not react to posts in the forum.

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Thank you Hexe! That’s not fair from support! :frowning:

It has nothing to do with fair or unfair - it is just not their job.
And my nick is Witch - not Hexe.
I don’t call you Stürmer, after all… :wink:

Depending on just how the page is being translated, some browsers may be displaying a translation of everything on the page, including usernames. Chrome does that to me if I run into a page that trips it’s “mostly foreign language” page trigger and I accept the auto-translate.

Ah, the pitfalls of the internet… thank you for the heads up, @Paulon

My chat just cleared except for the last 4 system items but they are repeats from several hours ago.

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