My girl needing some team advice

So my girlfriend decided she was going to play this game, she hasn’t been playing a long time, but she is getting the hang of it. I don’t know enough about the game to help her much so I told her I would post here for her. With her hero situation what would be her best team to be out there for raids and what should she use for defense. Who should she be focusing on getting leveled right now.

Hopefully you are both on a good teaching alliance. Forming good habits right at the start will save you a lot of frustration later.

Good luck to you both. It’s fun playing the game with your SO. I’m my case, it’s my husband. It’s nice to have someone understand how you can become so attached to an alliance and a game!


Looking on the roster what you have available, for first you’ll need to divide your priority. First would you focus on raids and war or you would focus on titans and special events.

I see a lot of great heroes in your roster. Firstly I would focus on getting Rigard and Melendor up as they great healers.

Second I would focus on getting Wilbur and Guardian Falcon from reds, 3rd would be Scarlet.

From the blue I would focus on Grimm he is amazing maxed. Then Triton and Boril.

From yellows I would go Li Xiu and Gurdain Jackal. Then maybe Hu Tao. As you have Tarlak, Wu is not so necessary for titans.

From green I would do Tarlak, Melendor, Cademon, Gadireus and then Little John.

Finally for purple I would go Rigard most definitely he saved my butt 1000 times since I was growing. Then I would go Tibertus and if non new come up Cyprian not fan of him.

This is just my opinion, hope it helps.

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She’s got some good heroes! Especially if she’s just getting going, that’s a very solid roster.

In her places, I would focus on the following leveling priorities:

Dark: Rigard > Cyprian > Tibertus > Balthazar.

You could make an argument for Tibertus before Cyprian, but Cyp makes a good tank on defense into mid Platinum, and he’s great for clearing map levels and rare quests with hard bosses. And Grimm will give you Ramming Pulverizer.

If you pull Proteus or Merlin, start leveling them immediately after Rigard.

Holy: Wu Kong > Chao > Jackal > Li Xiu > Bane > Hu/Danza/Melia

The reason I’d prioritize Chao over Jackal, who is objectively a better hero, is that Jackal is best with other strong yellows to set up. Wu is a game changer for map levels and rare quests. Li is a viable tank/flank on defense even into high Platinum.

Blue: Grimm > Triton > Valen/Boril
Grimm isnone of the best 4* heroes in the game, and Triton is an excellent ue sniper to stack him with. Like Cyp, Boril can be a good early tank, and if you decide not to level Cyp, Boril is a great alternative, though has more natural counters in Melandor and Caedmon.

If you pull Kiril, he’d slot in either before or after Triton

Green: Caedmon > Melandor > Skittleskull/L. John > Tarlak > Other of LJ/SS.

Caedmon is a great sniper with a dispel, and Melandor is a versatile healer–can’t have too many of them. One of SS/LJ will give you depth before you start leveling Tarlak, who is fantastic.

If you pull Hansel at some point, immediately start leveling him. He’s arguably the best green 4* available.

Red: Wilbur > Scarlett > Falcon > Kilile
Wilbur is one of the best 4* heroes available. Him + Wu and any other 4* heroes that include a healer will let you finish season 1 and a good chunk of season 2. Scarlett is a great high-damage red, good for raiding and Titans. Falcon, like Jackal, is great to set up other reds. Kilile is solid red depth.

If you pull Boldtusk, he goes in before or right after Wilbur. Colan would go ahead of Kilile, but after Falcon.

Your milage may vary, but this is how I’d approach it. If your girlfriend starts pulling some 5* heroes, my suggestion is to level them to 2.60 and play with them for awhile. Once you get 3-4 4* heroes of that color leveled up, then maybe level them to 3.70 and play with them for awhile before deciding who should get the 4* ascention mats.


Ok you need to get your gf to think of this game as a marathon rather than a sprint race.

I would hold off levelling any 5* heroes and focus on building 6 teams. 3 x 3* and 3 x 4*

When maxed they will win you the mats to level your 5*

So from your current roster of 4*, I would focus on:
Rigard, Cyprian, Tiburtus
G. Jackal and Wu Kong
Wilbur, G. Falcon and Scarlett
Caedmon and Melendor

And from your 3* roster it would be:
Muggy, Mnesseus, Melia, Chochin, Balthazar, Nashgar, Hawkmoon and Valen

Good luck


I started typing something similar last night and ran out of time. I think two rainbow 3-star teams might be enough for now, but other specific three-star heroes are worth maxing later on (like when you are waiting on more ascension mats). See my standard speech on the subject in the first couple of paragraphs here. This is even more relevant now that the last sighting of a challenge event in beta had an ascension material as a completion reward. If you start now, you can probably max a team that can complete next month’s challenge event on rare (three-star) tier.

Focus on feeding on-color and maxing one hero in each color at a time. From the screenshots above, my priorities would be:

  • Red: Nashgar and Hawkmoon
  • Blue: Valen and… well, you don’t have any others, but I’d be on the lookout for Gato, Gunnar, or (in a pinch) Ulmer
  • Green: Mnesseus and Muggy, but Brienne, Belith, and Berden are all better options than Muggy at this point, imo. Look for them.
  • Yellow: Bane (done) and Melia
  • Purple: Balthazar and Chochin, but also watch for Tyrum and Gill-Ra

Raiding isn’t super important right now - just fill your chest regularly - and defense is even less so. What’s important right now is getting as many ascension mats and emblems as possible so that, when you get around to those four- and five-stars - and you have some tasty ones! - you have what you need to max them and turn them into stone-cold killers. That means your priorities should be finishing at least stage 4 of rare quests (every ten days or so), finishing the rare tier of challenge events (monthly), and finishing as much of each class trial as possible. Ascension materials and emblems take a long time to get, so it’s crucial that you start collecting them ASAP and use them wisely. Leveling three-stars is relatively quick and uses no ascension materials. Plus, it gives you more time to decide which heroes are worth your ascension mats and emblems.


I am going to be the contrarian. My advice is to continue leveling up the 4s if you have the materials to bring them at least to third tier. A third tier 4 is better than a leveled 3* in my experience because they have higher health and will last battles. The key is to complete the last stages of the special quests (frostmarch, shrikewood, etc) where there are the mats you need. I started to level my 4s as soon as I got them and by that time I didn’t even have a rainbow 3 team and I don’t regret it a single bit. Level the 3s if you are stuck on advancing the 4s.

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