My gems disapear. Why?

Its the second time that my gems in empires and puzzles disapear. First I had 190 and then passed to 30. Now I had 160 and passes to 24. Why?? I m very sad with this situation… :frowning:

Are you accidentally clicking to speed up a building or forge process? It’s very easy to spend gems in the game if you click fast and don’t pay attention…one of the easiest spendy places is the Summon Gate. Daily Summon is 150 gems. If you click the free daily, then click again, whoops there goes 150 gems!

Hi there,

i have the same issue. First time 600 gems disappeared and and today roughly 300 gems disappeared.
No i dint purchased anything and no i dint click on the summon button.
I would kindly ask you to check the log files and send me also a copy in order that I as a customer have the evidence.

I suggest you contact Game Support, here:

I have contacted the support but honestly i do not believe them. First time they told me that i purchased a frozen chest. I asked them for evidence to provide the log files for prrof. I know that i dint purchased anything and this week it most likely it is the same.

N i dint used the gems to speed up and will not going to do that. I am farming and through the easter period i purchased also some but not for speeding up buildings.

You’re screaming into the wind. Whether we believe you or not, whether we sympathise or not, this is a forum mostly of players. If you want to secure reparations for the ills you have suffered, you need to continue dealing with support, not with us.

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Yes but it might be that others are facing the same issues and therefore opened the thread.

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Fair enough. It’s a good idea to start a thread in case this is a widespread problem.

I sympathize with your situation (though I have never ever encountered it, not once, in over a year.)

Brobb is right; if your goal is to find out what happened and/or set it right, you need to pursue this with Game Support.

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