My game keeps shutting down and I lose World Energy

I wish there was a way you could rejoin the same match you were playing before it shut down. Its happened 2 times in a row now playing Atlantis which costs 12 energy. I restart my game and have no energy left and have to wait about 3 more hrs to play again.

Either your internet connection is poor, or you have some kind of bug. suggest contacting support in game to rule the second one out. Good luck

What i would do is take a nice long relaxing drive to the ocean and drop the phone in it


What are they going to do, replace my world energy ?

It doesnt happen that often (this is probably the 4th time ever in 5 months of play) but maybe the devs could add a CONTINUE thing so when you start the game back up it auto connects to where you last were ?

I know a fair few other phone games have this option and would be nice if this game did to I think.

Feisty aren’t we? I don’t know what they might do. You don’t find out til you ask.

If it happens that rarely it seems it shouldn’t be worth complaining about?

Typically issue has to be on their end and effect multiple people simultaneously for them to compensate for these types of issues

If it’s individual unrelated cases that aren’t due to the game’s mishaps(server crashes), then they’ll send u a note about making sure you have good connection via mobile data or preferably Wi-Fi before gaming

So yea not somethin i would waste my time with support for personally

Venting here works though

I doubt they’ll ever have a continue option when signal is lost. I’m assuming that would cause the servers or whatever(not tech savvy) to have a more real time backlog of recent game activtiy which would be a bigger strain on the game and would cause more server issues

Just a guess and speculation

Could just chalk it up to a simpler route of they won’t do it because guys like me spend money on raid and world energy when that issue happens so we can keep playing rather than waiting it out for more free energy

Some phone brands (Huawei) close down too power intensive items.

See powersettings and disable this “feature” worked for me.

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1st I’ve heard of it but sounds plausible

If that’s the case I’d go with my first suggestion

Haha, i got a Samsung tablet, so not going in the Ocean yet, i will delete the game before thst happens lol

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