My Game Is Stuck On Loading Page

As soon as I get to the loading/connecting part-it gets stuck… Always happens to me around War Times & it’s really frustrating… & Yes, MY CONNECTION is fine & everything else works.

My game was so slow (with 4G!) that I closed the app. Not possible to play any stage if the chat could not even get read properly.

@Yoohoo can you let the others know…

Are you still stuck? I’ll let the others know you’re having connection problems…again. This problem really needs to be solved soon :confused:.

Same issue for me from the Philippines… Disconnected and suddenly l cannot come back in no matter what l do. Everything else is fine.

Can you check the available memory and storage on your device? We had a similar issue and it was a storage space.

My storage is fine… I’m able to use other games & stream movies, but can’t play this game cuz of unknown issue… I managed to get in earlier & during a fight in war got disconnected & here I am again. Stuck at loading & connecting section…

Got disconnected after last comment on chat & stuck again…

I’ll let the others know…i will be so peeved if we lose this war because of this issue. I HOPE SG is looking into this because it’s gotten ridiculous!

@Yoohoo I left the updated list on Slack… & SG mentioned something about tickets… I think everybody w/ connection issues will have to wait til the 7th if not solved within the hours…

I posted the list. We’ve reset them but are behind almoat 200 points. Idk if we can win without you hitting to be honest. It’s a close one.

Joe asks if you’re on wifi or LTE.

I was in a car accident and am in the hospital. They cannot find my phone so this is my only means of letting you know. My sister is letting me use her phone right now. I’m okay; just minor fractors, but i won’tbe on for a while.

Glad to know y’all are ok… I’ll let them know…

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

The alliance sends you best wishes & a speedy recovery…:heart:

Awww thank you ^_^.

20 charaxters…

How you doing Elven? Hopefully ok. At least I’m hoping you won’t spend Christmas in the hospital…

My game stopped yesterday and wouldn’t open. It just kept saying it stopped, even when it wasn’t open. I read to make sure I could uninstall and reinstall and still have all my stuff saved and then I uninstalled and reinstalled. It said loading then welcome XnaXnotxanax then hung on connecting. I rebooted the phone and not it loads and hangs on connecting and never says welcome XnaXnotxanax. My alliance is right in the middle of breaking up and I am going to bail with a few of the other top people in the alliance to form a new one, but now I can’t get into the game so they will probably bail and I will be stuck in an even worse alliance… My name in game is just Xanax, but my Google play games username is XnaXnotxanax. Any help would be appreciated. I can’t find how to post a new topic as I just created this account, so I am replying here.

I was discharged yesterday and am home! I have to say the last three days (today included) are a bit of a fog, but I got out of a terrible wreck with only a cracked rib and one injured vertebra (along with cuts and bruises, of course). I was really disoriented when I first came to after the accident and my car was on its side; they had to cut me out and airlift me to the hospital, but the people in the other car were well enough to stand on their own and go to the local hospital, according to a couple friends who saw the wreckage.

God was really with me.

P.S. we’re going to try to locate my car tomorrow; hopefully my phone wasn’t lost or destroyed! I know it worked right after the accident because while I was waiting to be rescued I heard it ringing. Cross your fingers and if you believe in God pray that we’ll find it so I can have some sense of independence!

By the way did you guys win the war on Saturday? Boy and I glad I opted out early!

I think you need to make a certain number of posts before you can make a new thread. I had the same issue of not being able to start a new one, but once I replied to several threads it seemed to clear up. Good luck with your connection and alliance issue! Either would be stressful without the other.

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