My game has changed

On 10/31/17 I was playing the game at level 21/22 and when I logged in at midnight on 11/1 I was dropped back to level 8. No ability to do quest again. My alliance I created was gone. My whole playtime wasted. Is this fixable?

Hi Wiley, Sorry for the issue you are having but I don’t think anybody here can directly help you other than SG support.
Please do not remove or uninstall anything, instead contact SG support right away with the requested details per this link. Good luck :grinning:

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On 01.11.2047 at 10:00-08:00 my some heroes Lost their upgrades. Reset and return lever one

Hi Orkano,
Sorry but this forum will not be able to resolve account specific technical issues and glitches. So it will be the same suggestion for you as well. Please Contact SG support directly through this link providing as much details as possible. Hope it is fixed soon.

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