My game don't loadings

since 2 days I have trouble connecting to the game. it is written (connection error: this may be due to the presence of a proxy) I do not use a proxy. what to do ?

all other games and apps work normally

The same error POPs up today all day, when in the course of the game and sometimes throws out of the game, wi fi connection, via cellular connection is all right.

Maybe you can check if you are connected to a Wifi which uses proxy and has restricted access for games… Sometimes universities/colleges or highly restricted buildings/offices might have this.

Hi guys ! I have a problem. I made My main account to The game like 1 year ago. Yesterday i made new account to Google play and noticed that i cant log on to My old account. I deleted My new account from Google and My device but still cant Access to My old account. Can someone contact me with email? [email removed by moderator] for information about what i can do to get My old account Back. Thank you ! BTW on from Finland so If someone can contact me with Finnish language

No I use my wifi from home. my friends who use the same wifi do not have problem

If you understand Russian language I can help you

If, with this error, you close the application and start again, it happens sometimes the first time it happens with 3, the problem disappears, which means that my Internet is not the fault.

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Ok that is very interesting. Maybe you should contact support, they would be able to help you best. :slight_smile:

how to contact the support if I can not connect to the game?



I can try Google translate


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