My frustration

Dear Small giant,
I am writing this to let you know that I have been playing this game for Year now. I am starting to feel that the game is going really really slow, Specially after this alliance war has been introduced. Here is a two things I would like to point out.
(1 ) Hero’s: we now need 30 heros…no ascension items for them…special power have restrictions and leveling up those special is pain. Ham is starting to be a problem too.
(2)troops: stacking Hero’s required multiple troops of same color. Finding them is like Needle in a hay stack and…lets not mention about the food requirement to level up.

Please drop the food requirement for troop to level up.


Hi there!

Remember that everyone is in more or less the same boat as you, being required to develop a deeper bench of heroes than before. Some are using 3* until they get 4/5* from Summons or Training Camp 20.

Troops can be summoned for 200 gems. Lesser troops for leveling are found all over the map.

Good luck!


The ham problem is what some people solve by maxing farms, watchtower and then dropping cups to raid around the 1800 cup mark.

The troop issue is is just a question of $$$ or maaaaad patience.


You play for a year and you have this kind of problems?

Thats… Odd?

Hellooooooo Elpis,
How are you mate? I missed you . And yes it’s odd. Please advise me, what kind of problem should I be facing after a year mate?

Well, you should have all your farms at 20 right now, watchtower most likely too so… Yes ham is never enough, but you should be in the condition of restock it quite fast.
And you can tank for resources if you want.

Ascension materials is always a hot topic, but you should have enough by now for two rainbow 5* teams (spenders even 3 or 4) and easily max 4* to complete your deck.
So not a real problem even there.

Finally troops, maybe the only real problem for a no-spender.
But high level troops are a good boost, not essential.

And to conclude, if you rush things you find yourself without any goal anymore. Why bother?

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My friend,
I totally agree with you. All my farms are at lv20. I got all 4* troops too.My 4* troops are all at around Lv12 .Thing is alliance war need 30 heros. I also got load of 4 * and 5* heros to work on for that. Likewise,I have other 4* troops of same color at Lv 1 (which I love to level them up). But it’s never gonna happen,right. Cause You do know as you go leveling your troop higher and higher ham cost alot. This is where I felt games has gone very slow because my troops and Heros are taking a lot of ham and time . And I can see ,it’s never gonna happen to fully Max all my troops, unless dev drops the food requirement to feed 4* troops.
Regarding ascension items,again , I agree with you that it has been a always a hot topic.

The ham issue might be more bearable if you drop to platinum cup raiding. Plenty of ham to go around in that bracket. You can actually raid for ham in that bracket!

The ascension item issue might be more bearable if you level widely for a while, not narrowly. Widely meaning you look at your 30 heroes, and the feeding heroes only go to the ones with the least power points. Narrowly means you take one hero and you focus totally on that one. Wide levelling buys you time to gather the ascension mats to go narrow on one hero. So you’d alternate levelling widely and narrowly, based on whether you’ve got the mats for an ascension.

And lastly, even with 30 heroes, you’re bound to end up with a roster full of 2 tier maxed heroes and no mats to ascend them further. In that respect AW bought us a considerable amount of time, but the milestone was merely moved way back, not removed. If you’re already at that place, wow, you’re a lot further than I am!

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