My friend lost his account

Hi everyone.

First, my apologies. I assume that this kind of post have been repeated everyday.

My friend [name : salvatore] lost his account following a phone virus (circa 115 days ago). He sent many mail to the support service, but it seems to going around in circles and he doesn’t desperately succeed to join someone to help him.
Everytime, same reply : “give us some informations about your account”, then no follow-up.

Is there someone to help ?

Thank in advance for your time :slightly_smiling_face:


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While I sympathize, unfortunately, I think your friend is already going at it the correct way. As this is a player community, people here can’t help with this type of problem. Also, it’s a bad time of year as while SGG is still addressing issues, they do have a lighter staff right now due to holidays.

I hope they can get this resolved soon!


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