My first non HOTM five star pull

Good morning, during Atlantis Rises I was fortunate enough to pull my first non HOTM five star hero, Vivica (yea me)! My plan once she is fully leveled is to use her as my raid/war tank. My question is would it be best to flank her with two dark hero’s (either Proteus, Tiburtus or Rigard) or two other healers (Rigard, Boldtusk or Sabina)? My only other five stars are Frida and Alberich which I do not have the materials for, nor would they make suitable flanks. I am also at a loss for trap tools so Rigard is my only fully leveled dark hero (Proteus is at 3.6, Tiburtus at 2.5 and Sabina hasn’t been started yet). Thank you all in advance for your help and suggestions.



For me, you can right now forget the 3 healers thing.

I know that in theory, you think that one of them will heal the others before any of them die. But it won’t happen. From my own experience, the most agressive your defense is, the best results it gets.

The idea to flank her with 2 purple is ok to me tho. Proteus is one of the best 4* of all time (if not the best), and Tiburtus is also a good heroes. He hits hard for a 4*, and the defense debuff is really efficient.

Congrats for you other 5* btw. Frida is awesome ! You’ll be happy with her once she’ll get maxed. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help, for some reason the RNG gods have blessed me with unusually high amount of orbs, darts and damascus blades. Trap tools not so much. So would you suggest then two healers and three offensive hero’s?

I’d also avoid having too many healers, especially in defense where you can neither prep them / hold them to fire at the correct moments. Without seeing your whole roster, it feels like flanking with Tiburtus and Proteus may be your best option.

One thing I like about that configuration is that they both slap status ailments on the other team, whereas Vivica buffs. That challenges the opponent to bring a team that can both dispel and cleanse, or kill your heroes quickly, or just live with the buffs / status ailments. For example, most teams will attack a Vivica attack by stacking purple, and they may be forced to decide between Rigard and Sabina (they will not want to bring TWO purple healers, in all likelihood).

Here you go:

Hmmm…that’s tough. I don’t see a slam dunk answer for right now or in the future. My first reaction is that, for right now, just try and get as many of your strongest heroes on the field as possible. For now, that means the maxed four stars. I’m initially inclined to:


Alberich because of his game changing skill; I don’t see how he fails to make the team, even not at max. Boldtusk looks like your best tank option, which is fine. Given his buff, I wanted to put as many strikers with him as possible, which is why I selected three fast mana heroes to round things out. From there, it was just a matter of lining up the colors in a way I thought would be effective.

In the future I think I’d go:

Proteus / Tiburtus
Some fast mana hero

I guess whichever purple you max first, and maybe another until Frida is ready, as has previously beeen discussed. If you put Proteus on the field, I’m thinking maybe Triton in the last spot, to snag the family bonus. But again, I don’t see a clear, obvious answer. Will be curious to see what others think.

My current defense line-up is Alberich, Sonya, Gormek, Rigard and Hansel in that order. They hold up great in war and pretty good in raids.

Viv Alby Boldie Hans Proto

Alby Frida BT Sonya Hansel

Try and get alby and Frida maxed.

Couple of traps there, if they stack blue, then your green wings will be tough to take out.
Possibly Sonya after Frida would be good, even though she is fast mana.

Alby is very slow, he really needs to be maxed to survive to rez. Since he’s not, your hoping they just look at BT tank and go blue stack.

FWIW, not to rain on your parade but Viv is pretty fragile as well as being SAF. Lot of strong dark heroes so she goes poof fast.

Even if you max and tank her, if opponents have good board, Viv is dead.

If bad board, they can just dump tiles into Viv. What’s the punishment to your opponent? Nada.

At least BT+5 will punish your opponents with the attack boost.

Getting Alby and Frida maxed isn’t so simple. Until then I can only work with what I have.

I use Frida as raid defense tank most of the time (jack+15, zim+6-Frida+4-red Hood-Hansel+16) and she is keeping me in diamond over night. I think there are worse tanks and I’m not into healer tanks too, going without healers or with semi like guin and red hood most of the time, trying a beatdown defense (not in war of course). And a fully leveled Frida can kill 3 (or 2, silly AI :smile:) already damaged easily, risky, but fearsome tank).

Again, it’s not like I can walk into the level 5 supply store and grab tonics and telescopes off the shelf. I can only work with what RNG provides. Frida and Alby are not fully leveled, will not be fully leveled until I have the materials so they should not be part of the equation.

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Sorry, just wanted to share my thoughts on Frida, since no one is considering her as tank. Haven’t read all you wrote, you lack materials, I lack time to read :joy:

No worries, not trying to be snippy but for now Vivica is the only five star for which I have fully AMs so that is why I’m excited and ready to level her fully and possibly use her for a tank depending on possible flanks.

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