My first five star titan attempt

I’m pretty sure my alliance can’t take him yet. But this is the first time I’ve seen the bonus chance thing.

pretty cool

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Point of this thread?

The bonus chance is there because it’s not just a 5-Star Titan, but it’s also a Rare. Being rare means that not only is it’s opposing color weak, but it will also reflect its own color.

In this case, it’s a Rare Ice Titan, so this means that it will take half damage from any Fire troops, and it will actually reflect Ice troop damage. Stack them greens, yo!

Good luck!

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That is a rare titan. Rare titans are always much harder than their normal counterparts. And they reflect their color, so don’t bring in blue heroes unless you want them to die off.

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Shouldn’t really bring blue heroes against blue titans anyways, but yeah

Well, other than Grimm, Isarnia, or Athena? :wink:

With the rare unicorn, it would be preferable to bring Buddy or Tiburtus if you have them.

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I don’t bring blue heroes to blue titans ever. Wu kong is the only hero who is on every titan team, I always stack 4-1 strong color and Wu kong.

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And thank you because that would be the point of this thread…to help!

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Well, most don’t have that luxury. I still don’t have a single Wu Kong, much less 4 good heroes on each color!

Whatever works best for you! :+1:

In my opinion, a defense debuff is more important than a fourth green in order to deal maximum damage. I’d take Tiburtus over any 4th green hero (except Buddy) because Tiburtus’s defense down will increase each of the other green heroes’ effective attack by a factor of 51%. Over all 3, that’s equivalent to about 1.5 green heroes (and without the exponent in the damage calculation) on top of the neutral tile damage. Ostensibly, the other three are also your best attackers and have your best green troops; your 4th green will not be as strong as them.

Tibs can be interchanged with any defense down hero. Isarnia has a larger defense debuff and would be better (but not against a rare which reflects blue). You’d have to get more technical to determine if Wilbur is worth it given that he is red and his tile damage is halved.

Not only reflects its own color but also the stun counter won’t increment if you hit him with tiles of that color.

Or a dispel or clean hero, since rares often can debuf or buf in a major way.

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