My first E&P ABCs

I’ve done some poetry and I’ve done a dictionary. But what if by some miracle the two concepts were combined?!

A for Ascension that costs so much ham
B is for Bane with Harmonic Slam
C is for Cyprian the deathbound lord
D for Damascus, a blade for a sword
E for Elena, our armies she led
F is for fire, the element Red
G is for Grimm, with eyes all a-glow
H is for Horghall who charges too slow
I for Ishtaak, the warrior lizard
J for Jangahir, a fiery wizard
K is for Kiril, blessing his brew
L is for loot, found by the few
M is for Mana, the source of our power
N for Natalya, no delicate flower
O is for orb, of magic, it’s said
P is for Peters, a pirate undead
Q for a Queen, Guin doesn’t come cheap
R is for Renfeld, who looks like a creep
S for Sartana, in killer high heels
T for Tibertus and mournful he feels
U is for Ulmer, who’s ice is ballistic
V is for Vision, the one that is mystic
W for Wu with gamblers stance
X means to multiply the accuracy chance
Y is Yunnan, and the sand storm he birthed
And Z for Zeline, who’s knickers were nerfed.


Oh, this is epic! No! Legendary!!! Standing ovations!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: (20 chars…)


Love it!

Is it wrong if I teach this version to my daughter? :grin:

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I double checked it for factual accuracy…I believe all the normal letters are accounted for. It should be fine as an educational supplement.

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Awesome :slight_smile:
I snorted the hardest at H, Q and R. :clap:

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I corrected Sartanta to Sartana. I think everything else is on the money. :wink:

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No Quintus?
Q for Quintus, who won’t retire but might retread?


I remembered Quintus late :expressionless:

But the couplet is with ‘R’

Can you do a line that ends in ‘eep’?

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ROFLMAO! Zeline, bwahahaha. You saved the best for last.

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Thanks @Azure, you are always so generous with your praise :blush:

Not sure what you want me to do but…may be these.

… under the haystack, fast asleep
… her mercy vast, her passion deep
… neither dog nor heifer, horse nor sheep

Only because you are so generous with your talent :smile:

The words he wrote
Made her heart leap.

Those all made me smile, but not sure they fit Quintus. Sorry if I was vague.

If we are going to fit Quintus in instead of Queen, it’s got to fit here:

Q for a Queen, Guin doesn’t come cheap
R is for Renfeld, who looks like a creep

Q is for Quintus, with flashes of lightning
R is for Renfeld who’s make-up is frightening



Q is for Quintus, whose dark is so deep
R for Rigard, who doesn’t suffer, cry or weep

Q for Quintus, who might go to sleep
R is for Renfeld, who looks like a creep

Q for Quintus, who dress like a clown
R for Richard, as a king sits down

I don’t know.


Q is Quintus, Oh so crap
R is for Renfeld, who needs a good slap

I failed high school English literature for a good reason methinks :grin:




That is fabulous. Let’s get it on YouTube, it’ll be the next gangam style!
Thanks @KLinMayhem :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I loved killer high heels!

Love it!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: