My first diamond chest

There are times when I get mad at the game and I come here to expose my anguish, but I also have to speak well when you get something of good value. My first serve Diamond Chest =)


97,5% of the time you get crap, sometimes something useful. The last 3 4* ascension items where 2 from normal monster chest and one from mystic vision…


Yep… my first 2 diamond chests were great… each had a non-farmable ascension item and i think one had an epic token of some sort.

Since then I see maybe 1 non-farmable item every week (assuming 10ish chests in a week). I really do wonder if the game is set to give good rewards the first couple times then set you to the “real” diamond chest loot that is not as good.


First diamond cheat looked like nothing special; my first platinum chest was special.

I really know how it feels, I started to play when I was at the ForestGrimm Event and my first pull was Hansel who accompanies me
and only three months later I got Triton. I really know that everything in this game takes time, and I know that the serves take a long time, the Titans and Wars are difficult to convince the whole team to attack just for low rewards, always lose members in the alliance for dissatisfied with the rewards. Just wanted to share happy moment because the journey of this game we spent sadder than happy = \


But we spent more unhappy time than happy, just enjoying the game to continue believing that someday everything will improve, I stopped investing in the game after my draw in Season 2 - Baltazar - Kaliani - Isaac - Gunnar - Renfield - Oregon . I’ll stay with my team and if I win, I’ll win

I just had my first.

Got better loot from Mystic Vision.

Raiding is absolute garbage

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My first platinum chest got me an orb, and I upped my defense to stay in the platinum, now 10 platinum chests later, the orb was a fluke, nothing since.

But I am burning through the 20+ raid flasks I never used, while now losing more raids.

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I tracked all my unfarmables from platinum over 6 months, 8, a little more than 1 a month.

Been in Diamond for 1 week, not a single unfarmable yet, Hopefully It turn out to be closer to 2 per month, but it is not promising.

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