My first crossroads, now what

Just got first 4*'s. Try to take my 3* rainbow to 2/30 first. After that though, which 3*'s di I continue and which do I swap out for 4*'s??

Thanks for any help/suggestions


I’d drop Azar immediately and work on Gormek.

I’d actually take your 3*s to 3/50 first, then start working 4s.

It will benefit you for Wars, gameplay experience, events, and buy more time to build AMs for your 4*s


Though you can skip on leveling Ren and Prisca.

But I still use Gan Ju, Azar, and Balthazar in my 6 squad War clean up crew.

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You actually have fairly good 3* heroes to work with there. As @Kayo said, at least finish your first rainbow team of 3.50 first. Sabina and Gormek will really help you out after your 3*s are done. Heal-all and defense down are very valuable abilities to have.

Ok, So I’ll take Belth, Bane Bri, and Az to 50. Then I’ll take Sabrin and Gortek up next.

I just got Karl for the Blue. should zi stick with Ulm or switch now to Jarl??

Stick with Ulmer for now.

I would level these to 3.50 first (since you’ve already started): Balthazar - Bane - Ulmer - Brienne - Azar

Assuming that you feed on-color (feed red to red, feed blue to blue, etc.)
These as the second rainbow wave: Sabina - Gan Ju - Karil - Belith - Gormek

*My opinion of what I’d do in you situation. Some may prefer a second Bane.


As said above… Get your 3* set. It’ll make it easier to ascend your 4s… Same as get 4s done b4 your 5s. Far happier gaming experience

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