My first complete year as a 100% free to play :)

Hey guys! This week i make a full year as completely free to play person in this game and wanted to share with you what i have accomplished during this period.

It’s been some fun playing around on this game. I have to say i still have the same fire and passion since day one. Furthermore - since i am seeing results for my hard work and dedication and a long period of hours spent in the game, it’s becoming more and more interesting with each next day. Set a plan to follow, reach this point, feel the pleasure, move on the next step of growing (you know this feeling).

So without further delay, lets move on the results.

  1. Hero Roster - Most of the people playing this game probably don’t know the feeling to struggle with pulling a good hero(s). Spending money makes things easier, at least for hero pulls (although i have seen a lot of Atlantis x30 and normal x10 pulls with really bad luck). But i assure you for free to play people it’s really hard to get a decent pull, especially in the beginning months (and even if they are lucky to pull a 5*, takes forever to collect the materials to max it). Training Camps help a lot, Atlantis coins also, but still luck is the thing that matters to make a good pull. I can’t say i have been really lucky when i did pulls with gems (that i hardly collected) but i can’t complain as well. I am happy with what i have got.

So i have 5 maxed 5*, one (Vivica) on the way to be maxed, 3 at 3-70 and 2 more that i will probably pay attention to in future.

As for 4* heroes - they are my pride. I am more focused on building a decent 4* army of heroes while waiting for good 5* from TC. They help a lot in wars, make my bench really deep. I have got 21 fully maxed 4* (+ 2nd Triton almost maxed). Working on a few more, some duplicates that are really good and useful in raids and wars.

Next up 3* - as i said, being free to play means a long wait for good heroes. I had that long period i waited for good 4* and 5*, so i focused on my 3s in that time. My bench of 3 heroes is also deep - 4 of each color, mostly fast mana. Doing really great in tournaments and events. Proud of them as well.

I am posting my roster so you guys can see it.

  1. Ascension Items - Hero pulls might not be my luckiest part of the game but i am quite happy with my loot luck. This luck helped me fully ascend that many heroes, still a lot waiting and i got materials for most. Apart from what i have already used, this is what i have at the moment. Please have in mind as a f2p i have never bought any offer :slight_smile:

  1. Next up - Cups - having bench of heroes helps me compete in raids. I normally keep around 2500-2600 cups, sometimes less, sometimes more but most of the time in that range. Actually i am going to show you something that i have achieved just recently and i am really proud of :slight_smile:

Global rank #1 :slight_smile: Not bad for a f2p, huh? :wink:

I have to say i have no problems on map, events, Season 2 is already fully completed (quite great rewards :slight_smile: ) So basically i think i am doing really good, at least for f2p and for that period of 1 year.

My advise to the rest f2p people, especially to the beginners - don’t get upset if you don’t get anything great at the beginning. In this game you have to be really patient, everything comes with time and your efforts will be rewarded. Good thing about it - you don’t need to spend insane amount of money to prove yourself you are good. You learn in time, some slowly, some quicker. Watch videos on youtube about beginners tips, things you should know since the start to make it easier for you, raids (i love those videos). There are really good videos, people have put a great effort making them and explaining everything perfectly. A BIG THANKS to those people. The quicker you learn, the quicker good results will come :slight_smile:

Finally to the end of that really long topic that i have a lot more to say, but i don’t wish to take more of your time - i would like to thank those who spent some time reading this. Hopefully it was interesting for most, hopefully this might help and motivate rest f2p people and beginners.

Please share your thoughts and add anything in the comments you think might be needed in this topic. I would love to see others f2p progression as well :slight_smile:
Be blessed, be good and have a wonderful day <3


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