My first 5* from training camp

Ha, had a few 4* and lots of 3* but this is my first 5*…so what do you think? I think I’ll keep her :rofl::rofl:


I think it’s a good choice to keep the Queen. All my 5* came from TC20, and she was my 4th since playing, btw.

Especially if your 5* was acquired from TC20 and if you aren’t regularly spending $ on Gem summoning and 5* do not come by easily.

Nice pull! Congrats!

I only have the VIP pass and occasionally spend on the special offers. Most of my 5* have come from tokens won plus I’ve had a few bonus hero’s as well.
I also have this lady, and I need just one more telescope to level her up, but not sure if I should now


I would probably do Alasie first (depending on the rest of your team), but both are worth taking to 4/80 when you get the materials.


Thanks for that, I do like Alasie she’s saved by bacon a few times and Kiril whose my favourite and my very first 4* hero


Definitely level Alasie first. That Eskimo is tough as they come.


Alasie is a better tank than Isarnia, I think, so if you need a good tank (I think you do) then maybe level her first.

But I’d be prepared to argue that Isarnia is better in almost every other aspect of the game - raid attack and defence, Titans (her special means she can be part of teams facing Titans of many different colours), events and farming.

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Alasie first since you’ve already started with her and she’s one of the best, if not the best, snipers in this game. Elemental link is good for stacking against a titan, and mana control is good for offense and defense. Isarnia is great too, especially for the incredible amount of defense she lowers, so she’ll be nice on that titan team as well. As for raiding, I’m not a huge fan of the slow mana, but if you do bring her in and she goes off, that’s usually a win right then and there. Definitely someone you’ll have to play with to decide if she works well with your playstyle or not, but she can be pretty great. Congrats on the awesome pull!


I think I’ll definitely level Alasie first and Isarnia is the icing on the cake. :smiley:
Thanks everyone

Hallo.Ich spiele jetzt das Spiel schon über einem Jahr und das fast jeden Tag,es macht auch Spaß,aber langsam frustriert es mich,weil ich hab seitdem ich spiele noch keinen einzigen 5* Helden bekommen,habe auch schon über 3000 Diamanten für die 10 Stück Beschwörung ausgegeben und dabei war auch keiner. Ich finde das echt mies. Ich würde mich um eine Rückantwort oder einer kleinen Geste sehr freuen.
Danke und Liebe Grüße

Schwelm,den 01.11.2018-, 15 Uhr nachmittags,deutsche Zeit.

Have you got your training camp to level 20 and training legendary hero’s?

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Hi, Ja ich hab schon fast alles auf Level 20 und 4* Helden hab ich auch schon 6 Stück bis zum Ende gelevelt, ich bekomm leider nur keinen 5*Sterne Helden ,will auch endlich mal einen. Spiele schon seit 1 Jahr regelmäßig und bekomm keinen,zum heulen ist das.

She makes me tremble if I cant kill her before her special goes off in raids. Im often dead if that happens. This is a great first Tc20 legendary

Id do Alasie first, then Isa. Both are worth leveling up and using though. Especially in raid attacks on a fire tank and against fire titans.

I’m sorry that you haven’t got a 5* after all that time but that’s just the way it goes, sometimes your lucky and sometimes your not. I’ve been playing tc20 for months and this is my first 5* So all I can suggest is that you just keep trying.
Good luck

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Ist halt nur Schade nach so langer Zeit, das ich noch keinen hab. Ich hab sogar schon über 3000 Diamanten für die 10x Spezialbeschwörung ausgegeben,hab nur einen 4* Sterne bekommen und den rest 3* Sterne,fand ich richtig schade,vor allem weil ich solange gespart hatte. Ich hoffe krieg bald auch mal ein 5* Sterne, würde mich sehr freuen…

Check this thread out! I’ve been playing for months +still no 5* heros :cry: but this thread pretty much proves some people are lucky +some like myself just aren’t, so you aren’t alone @Scorpion101181 hehe

I’ve never considered myself lucky, but I must be cause I’ve had some great 5* hero’s plus bonus hero’s like GM & Drake Fong but I certainly don’t spend a lot on this game, so I guess it’s the luck of the draw…:grinning:

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Ja leider,die einen haben mehr Glück,die anderen nicht. Ich werde auf jeden Fall nicht aufgeben, dafür macht es mir zu sehr Spaß und ich habe auch schon soviel ausgebaut und aufgelevelt,wäre doch schade um die ganze Mühe.

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