My first 4 star hero

I was happy to finally summon a 4 star but I read his special skill and it gives my team a chance to miss. My alliance said he’s a great hero but I’m not convinced and I need space for heroes. Do I feed it to Bane and wait for a better 4 star?

DO NOT FEED HIM! He’s one of the best in the game.
You were lucky :slight_smile:

And NEVER feed a 4* to a 3*

You can always expand your hero cap cheaply, but you will kick yourself in the a$$ later if you get rid of any 4*'s you get


Agreed! Keep him on hand, friend! And keep him alive! He’s a gamer changer when he survives for long enough to use his ability.

I don’t get why everyone ignores the first part and just focuses on the miss

I can’t be the only player who when I was a noob I liked Wu?

I still have to get used to him, and he’s not fully maxed yet, but Wu is one the most sought after heroes in the game

i dare you to feed him to Bane! :wink:

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@Gematria I agree with the other voices here… DO. NOT. FEED. HIM!

Here’s why… Take him into a titan fight, use him and all of a sudden EVERY tile hit and EVERY special skill has the opportunity of hitting 150% (more when fully leveled) better. That can be the difference of a 10k Titan score and maybe 30-40k.

As with many things in life, to get something amazing you have to give up something else. To offset what would be a great imbalance, you have a risk of tiles and specials missing. But, the chances of him hitting are about twice those of him missing. Doesn’t mean you won’t get a titan round where he missing more than hits, though :unamused:

Wu is basically like gambling, but the odds are in your favor. I suggest you gamble on him and give him a try. Pretty sure you’ll understand once you do :smile:

Wu is awesome for boss fights and titans. Prepare the board in such a way it’s hot. With that I mean, move one tile and almost whole board goes off.

All though 1/3 will miss on average, the tiles that hit will almost have tripple damage. So instead of doing normal damage, wu will change it to (300%’+ 300% + miss)/3 = almost 200% damage average.

I made a celebration thread dedicated to the monkey king when I finally got him. Please don’t feed him away.


Do some searched here for Wu Kong and you’ll see a lot of useful threads like


Wu kong is the way to bigest titan hits in your game dude.
I waited to get Wu Kong for 1 year.
He is the best S1 hero among all the 4☆s and on of the few 4☆ gamechangers of all time.

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He is better than many 5* heroes


@Gematria you will understand him better once you watch this video
The Wu Kong Video
thanks to @Basilisk for making it!

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oh my God. I, who played 7 months, really wanted him to never have the luck, but my wife has two of them. wukong hero 4 * is the most terrible if the skill works. so far I still hope to get him

I’m suspious that this was a post created by Wu Kong … he just wanted to hear how wonderful everyone thinks he is.

Okay, I’ll play along … Wu Kong is wonderful :grin:


:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

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Thanks for sharing the video and the threads on him. I tried him in raids and he dies easily, makes my Rudolph miss every time. I really thought my buddies were playing a joke on me to get me to waste resources for him. Playing 3 weeks and enjoying the game so far, still have a bunch of heroes I’m unfamiliar with so be nice if I ask any other noob questions :slight_smile:

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3 weeks and you got Wu Kong? Man 11 months and I still don’t have him. But I WANT HIM!

Took me almost a year to get Wu. Then got so many I had to tell him to stop having his family drop by :rofl: pulls are funny like that. lol

I tried ten summons for event hero but I got Wo Kong and some other good 3 stars. Only problem is now I have no space for heroes. I’m happy now that I know he’s worth keeping :slight_smile:

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