My final hurrah

Hello Community

I’ve quit gacha altogether for the reasons below.

As in all gacha, not just E&P.

My only intention behind this post is to give a different perspective in the hope it assists.

Best of luck.


PS. Bonus responses to my initial discord post included below


So long and thanks for all the fish, @FrenziedEye

I’ve loved your company these last few years.

Go on to bigger and better and healthier things.


Can’t argue with that.
Stickers collection used to feel good because at some point you had a chance to actually finish the album.
But this album will never ends.

Fly free mah friend :dove:


My best regards, thanks for your dedication.
I think that quitting gacha games is a very wise choice and I hope you to stay safe and find better “playgrounds”.

I’m sorry to see you go :cry:


It will definitely be sad to see you go. But I really do understand and agree with your reasoning.
It will of course come to us all … it’s just that now is the right time for you and probably about as perfect as can be.
I wish you well in your future endeavours.
Have fun, stay safe and keep healthy


Always do what’s best for you. Glad however to hear you will stick around the forum, you are truly an asset in helping players.

Sail on!


All the best.

Hopefully you can find a non-gacha mechanic reliant game.


Hard to see another familiar name leave… it reminds us that time does not stop, three years with E&P is actually three years of our lives… good bye @FrenziedEye, take care… which gets me thinking… how long before the fat lady sings for my E&P account?..


This about sums the game up. Realized I put ofs in there, but oh well.


Just some icing…

And lastly…
Who will update this thread now :disappointed:

Good luck and good fortune @FrenziedEye


We covered that one already… Gormek’s taller…


captain, my captain!

best wishes, and hope you find more games of the type you fell in love with!


Congratulation @FrenziedEye, you have been able to do what I’m trying to do for several months now. But I know my turn is coming :slight_smile:
I just got Brienne in Ninja Tower, that will help me to continue a bit.

I’m done too with gotcha game. My future is definitively in Good Old Games. No Internet connection required, no purchase in the game. I’m ready to restart the Witcher’s and Bladur’s series.



You lingered still? I thought you bid adieu to us last July? Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

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I held onto my account, staying alive in a dead self-made retirees alliance (“Empire Retirees”)

Now I’m just a forum busy body who won’t really be around but will pop by occasionally

However, luckily, you will be the one updating the farewells thread I gather :joy:

Thanks for all the messages folks.

But yes. All gacha games gone from my phone and deleted - good riddance, should have done it earlier!



Good for you. I don’t have the luxury of having a mobile game to fall back to. Pokémon go is just too tiring walking and traveling around and it ain’t that much feasible due to the lock down and quarantine. My previous mobile game before PoGo is Clash of Clan. What I hate about that is that you almost don’t have a chance to level up the buildings because when other players raid you, they don’t just hit and get the resources of Watchtower, they steal a portion of what you have in your storages every time angone hit your base even if it was not a successful raid so long they enemy reaches those storages.

Be well and safe, @FrenziedEye. Have a blessed life ahead.


I would enjoy having you keep in touch and letting me know how you’re doing. You still have valuable insight into the game and I’d welcome your comments.


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