My feedback and issues with the game


I’m hoping the GMs read the forum and might pay attention to my experience and concerns.

  1. Ascensions Items
    Two words: horrible mechanic. It can be absurdly rare. There’s not a clear way to know how best to get them, like all wanted mission have same drop? All Titans have same drop chance? Your score changes these chances? The variety of it also makes it a nightmare, just keep getting the ones you don’t need over and over. There’s no way to pay for it, there’s no way to farm an specific item. You just sit there and be stuck for God know how long.

  2. Food and Iron
    The balance on this two is just awful. My mines are lvl 10, my castle is lvl 17 and I’m still full of Iron and capped all the time. Iron is useless, has no real value. Other than upgrades, iron is only used for some items, that’s it. Food in other hand has way too many reasons: lvling, ascending, training, crafting, research, skipping players in raids, upgrading troops.
    Iron is specially useless to anyone that might fully upgrade their buildings.
    A revamp is badly needed, iron should be used more often, or some time of convertion.
    An idea for iron use is a market place or research building. A market place might let you buy random items for iron, exchange iron for food, troop, energy, daily tokens, whatever. A research building could increase the chance to find things on wanted missions, chance on finding trainer heros or whatever.
    Whatever you decide to do, Iron need to go back to be useful.


I agree to you and the points, its about ■■■■ time to make some very badly needed changes.


Hey @Mai!

According to one of the developers, here is a cool change coming to Rare Missions, regarding Ascension items: “The next update will enable the full range of ascension items as a reward for the last level of the rare quests, instead of the limited set we have now.”



So another rare way to maybe get the items I need? Those pop like 2 times a month, for how many months I’m suppose to farm them? I doesn’t sound like a good fix.