My Farewell to the E&P Family

Be strong! I am impressed, that You won this battle! Take care!


This message was emotionally powerful.
It take a lot of courage & dignity to recognize how much you went through.
I fully comprehend & respect your choice to move on!
Many of us close our eyes in that matter.
To be honest, I am so afraid to look into how much I’ve been spending for this game that I like & play literally all day “I’m also an addict to it”

The real hero who Overpowered this, is YOU!

You are the best card in real life who got the Skills to move on!
Cheers to you!! :heart:


This might seems insensitive but… “i want ur EP account…” :relaxed:

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Take care @LadyAchilles. Been fun playing in an alliance with you for some time.
I’m actually at point that I might quit myself, the costumes for most strong heroes in the game in beta angered me more than anything, even though I was always c2p so I’m glad I haven’t spend too much money into this, but I do spent too much time on this game though, I won’t hide that fact.
Hope you find peace and happiness in your life :slight_smile:


You have made a very brave choice @LadyAchilles. All the best and keep strong in the days ahead. Keep reaching out for the support you need. It is always there somewhere.



Best of luck and may happiness follow you wherever you may roam.

I am sure your decision will bring you self confidence from this day forward.

I enjoyed your presence over the years.

Good luck :pirate_flag:


@LadyAchilles could u please screenshot ur roster as educational purpose for future references that to get heroes collections like yours cost a lot of money

So people can make real expectation about this game

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@mogulemon sure, would doing it from heroplan be okay so that I don’t have to take so many screenshots?

Or u can just made 1 youtube video showing all ur roster and troops. That would be easier if u don’t mind.

Because this will become a future reference history for all EP players

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If the addiction will start to harm you or make bad feelings in the belly, it’s better to have a break.

Stay safe, get over it and play for free after a while. Maybe the fun will come back to you. If not quit.

Nice topic to learn from. Thx for having you here @LadyAchilles.

Free hugs :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face:


Blessings on you & your family! Thank you for sharing your heart. I am so glad you are choosing what is best for you. I have backed off quite a bit with all the changes and have found freedom in seeing it as just a game. I will remember your story when I am tempted to spend hours of my life on it again!

Wishing you all the best



Clearly you’re not well-versed with addiction (not everyone is - it happens); things [seemingly] trivial to others can cause serious problems in other people’s lives. So just cuz that’s not you, doesn’t make it any less true or dangerous.


It takes a lot of courage to come out like this. Just want to commend you and tell you, you are not alone. I’ve always been very level headed on finances, yet I too fell into the trap of overspending to ‘keep my spot’ and for the ‘fear of missing out’. That was in another game and I came to E&P to self rehab from that. Played the first 6 months purely f2p before slowly setting myself budgets. Did fall off the wagon a few times but pulled back up. Have completely gone f2p again the past few months over game direction.

This is part of our growing up, irrespective of age. We make mistakes, we fall. We pick ourselves up and come back stronger. There will be occasions when you will relapse. The temptation is always there to replace an addiction with something that again becomes an addiction. But you have the courage to be self aware and stand up to it. Nothing can take that away.

Be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone. :hugs: Stay strong and God bless.


I agree with you 100%. Sorry to see you leave, but totally understand. Best of luck moving forward. We all wish you the best.


I am happy to see you leave the game behind and accept your own issues. I strongly wish you to recover asap and get your life back together.

Your case is a perfect example why this type of games shall be completely illegal and regulated to hell. These games are designed to take advantage of humans weak moments without ever thinking what type of harm that come to them.

A small giant games are a perfect example of the worst of human invention. I also suggest you to go and file a claim to your countries gambling agency and highlight your experience. That will be a big step on getting rid of this illegal business out of everyone’s life.


Как и в вышеописанном, не общался лично с Вами на форуме.
Но считаю,всему свое время. Когда то необходимо сделать свой выбор.
Может быть Вам станет скучно и Вы вернетесь к нам когда нибудь!

Good luck, @LadyAchilles, that is a life-saver decision! And don’t look back , that’s dangerous…

Starting the game, I was F2P. Then I bought a one-month VIP. Then I bought a yearly one. Then one more. Then the Valor Passes. Then a few offers.

Then I read your farewell, and it just hit me like a brick. Thank you so much for posting it!

Maybe it helps if you find another game that you can like so much as this but which is not gatcha. All the best!


Brave of you to admit all this and I wish you the best!

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@LadyAchilles : Couagous decision to call out oneself"s reality.

If you can, Please find time to play on & off so as to NOT allow the game to control you.

Good luck.

I applaud your decision and your honestly about your addiction to this game and I’m sure you’re not the only one and perhaps it will give people a time to pause and reflect on the true cost of this game, not just money but also time spent and possibly mental health issues also.
Chasing the never ending supply of new hero’s and at what cost.
I decided to become FTP after the nerfing and new costume disaster
So I wish you all the best and I hope you come out stronger and in better health in the future
Good luck :heart::heart:

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