My Farewell to the E&P Family

Best of Luck with everything @LadyAchilles! :sparkles:

It was a pleasure to be your teammate and I’ll always remember your awesome attitude (and I’ll never forget those funny forum stories! :rofl:)…

I truly hope for only good things and happiness in your life!! :sunny:

Kerrang :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, I applaud you for your strength, self-awareness and taking control of your life (and gaming-habits). It’s truly no small feat. This post may be a bit bitter-sweet - as it’s always hard losing a valued member - but the power [in your honest words] emits a message of hope. & That is truly remarkable (especially as, nowadays, it’s increasingly more difficult to find - especially here :sweat_smile:)

I’m no stranger to depression (nor addiction), so in my own way, I can understand how difficult this must have been - arriving at both this decision, and sharing it with us, as well. I hope to one day find the strength, as you have, to say “no more” when I’ve finally had enough. It isn’t always as [seemingly] simple, especially when RL is its own battle too, and addiction takes the wheel… But at least the game itself is making it easier [on all of us], so silver lining maybe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either way, it still takes quite a bit of will-power - especially when you’re in deep - so I truly admire [that] :relaxed: & I do have to commend you for sharing a piece of your truth with all of us; I found it incredibly relatable and inspiring.

Thank you for sharing, and for all that you’ve given to both this forum, and E&P. I wish you all of the best [in your future endeavors]. May you continue on, finding peace in this positive decision [of yours], and in the plaguing battle that is depression [as you move forward]. I wish you all of the luck, and happiness, [that you can find] in this world :heart:

All the best :kissing_heart:


It takes guts to admit addiction … I have just started playing and can feel the urge to spend. Reading your story has now helped me … it’s just a game, nothing more.
If it starts to take control - it’s time to leave.

Good luck, stay positive and stay in control, don’t give control of your like to others … particularly a game.



A brave and heartfelt post @LadyAchilles. That you recognised the game as part of your personal problems, then cutting it loose can only be of benefit to you going forward.

I wish you well in any and all of your future endeavours. Take care of yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear that and see you go. But happy your in a better place :blush:.
All the best on what ever you decide to do stay happy :+1::beer::hotdog:



Sad to see you go. But very very happy you are able to overcome the hurdles in your life. Have a blessed days ahead of you.

P.S. Was trying to add you to the Farewells thread, but someone beat me to it.


@LadyAchilles You take care lady mac! Applaud your courage, candor and taking action.


Whoa. This was the most timely read for me ever! I just formulated my own thought about saving my E&P money for a :rowing_man:.
Thanks @LadyAchilles for your bravery to be honest. It hit me hard.
I have a strong inkling, that without a phone screen tearing-up receptors behind your eyeballs for increased demand and time and tasks and money!
That your on the path to recovery for your illness, and a much better life!
I truly hope you get better
and wish you well!


Thank you for sharing.

I hope SGG reads this… because you are not alone on this,

This should go down as one of the most meaningful and hopefully (if SGG had a sense of ethics) one of the more impactful posts.

I hope the community and people you met have more impact on you… than the design and mechanics of this game resulting from SGG’s pursuit of profits.


Note: it MAY not be cancelled according to their last post. Sigh

This has been chipping away at me also… this game is dumping great heroes and features… but in the end the grind and balance issues are wearing me out also.


Good luck in all aspects Lady A.
Hopefully you will find peace.


Be strong! I am impressed, that You won this battle! Take care!


This message was emotionally powerful.
It take a lot of courage & dignity to recognize how much you went through.
I fully comprehend & respect your choice to move on!
Many of us close our eyes in that matter.
To be honest, I am so afraid to look into how much I’ve been spending for this game that I like & play literally all day “I’m also an addict to it”

The real hero who Overpowered this, is YOU!

You are the best card in real life who got the Skills to move on!
Cheers to you!! :heart:


This might seems insensitive but… “i want ur EP account…” :relaxed:

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Take care @LadyAchilles. Been fun playing in an alliance with you for some time.
I’m actually at point that I might quit myself, the costumes for most strong heroes in the game in beta angered me more than anything, even though I was always c2p so I’m glad I haven’t spend too much money into this, but I do spent too much time on this game though, I won’t hide that fact.
Hope you find peace and happiness in your life :slight_smile:


You have made a very brave choice @LadyAchilles. All the best and keep strong in the days ahead. Keep reaching out for the support you need. It is always there somewhere.



Best of luck and may happiness follow you wherever you may roam.

I am sure your decision will bring you self confidence from this day forward.

I enjoyed your presence over the years.

Good luck :pirate_flag:


@LadyAchilles could u please screenshot ur roster as educational purpose for future references that to get heroes collections like yours cost a lot of money

So people can make real expectation about this game

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@mogulemon sure, would doing it from heroplan be okay so that I don’t have to take so many screenshots?

Or u can just made 1 youtube video showing all ur roster and troops. That would be easier if u don’t mind.

Because this will become a future reference history for all EP players

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