My ever full hero roster

I am f2p and do not mind being patient to level up heros. I accept that i will have ups and downs with all aspects of the game. But recenrty i have become a little concerned about aspect… roster space.
I subscribed to the leveling process of same color feeders, i feed 2* to skilled heros, and 1* to non skilled heros, and i always save my 3* heros until i have a guaranteed 100% chance to gain a skill on a same hero…i.e. bane
This all works in my favor, slow to be sure, but it works, until i run into the situation of NOT having a hero to feed.
When i have 20 or 30 1* or 2* feeders in my roster and noone to give them to, except each other, what do i do?
Feed others? And then gain a same color hero from one of my tc20 and smack my head against the wall?
I am waiting for the new game updates before i start feeding 3* to a slim bench, and yes 3* heros take up a lot of room.
Any advice on spending feeders is welcome, but please dont let the advice become anorher debate about skill raising

Buy more hero slots…if you can’t you’ll just be stuck feeding random colors to a hero you’re leveling up.

Hey there, F2P here too. So I am in the similar boat when it comes to roster space as I have not spent any gems to increase any other than what the game gives me for leveling up. I have a roster of full S1 3* all with 8/8 specials and currently also working on their S2 counterparts. I am also 1 short of S1 4* on my roster, all gathered from my TC20s. My primary goal is for collection of no duplicates in the game.

The difference is that I don’t keep feeders for long, if I see 1* and 2* I use them as I get them. 1* at a time typically goes towards heroes who are looking to increase in specials, and 2* usually goes towards ones whose specials are already full, and are just looking to shoot up in levels. I do have some duplicate 3* and 4* on my roster, but they are there for the same reason as yours, feed to increase specials if I get more of them.

As a result of the TC13 and eventually the TC20 trainings, I am in no short of other heroes to give the feeders to. I suppose it is if there are some higher leveled heroes on your bench who you don’t see the need or desire to level up and are just there taking up space, the collector aspect of my play style means I level them up too when I get to them. As I currently am done with all my S1 3*, any more I get automatically becomes feeders, not necessarily for the same color, but just to any other heroes that are 8/8 and just looking to level up.

Another idea is if your almost full and don’t need feeders right now while your waiting on a new hero is to leave the feeders in your training camp. It essentially becomes extra storage. As long as you keep adding ham, recruits and swords/backpacks etc. before it stops the current training you can keep your camps running and keep the feeders in the camps. When you pull a hero you want to level feed what you have in your roster then start pulling out your feeders from camps. Hope one of these solutions helps.

If you’re unwilling to buy extra hero slots, then break your matches-color discipline. There’s a 20% bonus for matched color training, but a far steeper loss from training a feeder (e.g. giving 1* to a 2*, then later feeding that 2* to a 4*).

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