My epic hero token disappeared!

Today around 9:20am (CST) I received an epic hero token from the raid chest. I planned to save it until the next event so I did not use it immediately. I started to ask my alliance about when the next event would be cause I wanted to try for a special summon. I just logged back on and noticed that my epic hero token was gone!

This is very disappointing considering how rare those tokens are, especially ones from chests.

I don’t take a screen shot of everything I get so I don’t have one to post.

Please let me know if there is something you can do to fix this.

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Ingame support ticket. Noone in the forum can help you


I hope you get it back. To contact customer support, use the ‘Submit a request’ link on the following page.
As an aside, except during the seasonal events which currently have heroes, spring and summer, the epic tokens don’t get the special heroes - they just draw from the standard selection.

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I once pulled a Sonya from a Tc 13 and she disappeared when I went to level her up. I knew she made it to my roster because I was checking her stats. Anyways luckily I screen shot the pull because it gave me the time she was pulled. I gave them the date and time and Sonya wad waiting in my mail box. So if you have the date and time as you clearly do they can verify that you did not use it. Give 3 or 4 days once you put in your ticket. You was waiting for the event anyways.

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I had received an epic hero token and didn’t use it. I had to exit out of game, I just signed back on about an hour after to use and it was gone.

Can you post evidence from your „recent activy“ log please

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