My epic defense team

Or you can farm hard to get Aife


Not really. I have received complains from my alliance members that I am killing titan too fast. I better not upgrade them anymore.


What witchcraft is this? TWO Aifes in one loot drop??? I’m lucky if I get a single Petri…I mean Derric.


Lol. What gene should go for? Country music because green heroes?

Nice Gimm team anyway :slight_smile:

I got 2 super secret Aife summon tokens and they works!

I will feed the by all my 5*, I need her for next war


Wow 2 Aifes in a run. Mine was 2 Aife in 2 runs (using golden tix) yours is better than mine.

This guy really know how to create the best team ever


I’m pretty sure i can try to beat your aife team using this setup. Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:


20 char 20 char

Wow that must have taken years to farm and max that many Aife! I wish i could get as many but i’m still struggling to get A(L)ife

… I’ll let myself out.

Yes, and I feed them nothing but the best, i feed them Aife only. Got to have the best food to get the best team

Hello all, i’m sorry but i’m new inthe forum and i don’t know how to open a new topic, so i try to ask here:

I have an issue with defense team in war.
First of all our alliance is using the red as common central color.
For central hero i have for sure a 3/60 Wilbur;
For flank i want to use a 3/50 Kashhrek;
For lateral a 3/60 Sabina
Them my dubs:
I have this heroes to complete the defense team:
Bane 3/50 (7/8);
Valen 3/50
Kelile 3/60
Caedmon 3/1 that i can give some exp.

In my opinion, considering the central red for all alliance, the best way to put my team is:


But a friend told me that is better to dont avoid 2 colors (yellow and blu) and suggest to pick Bane or Valen instead of Kelile.
What do u think is better?
Thanks to all for any reply and pls sorry again for the topic.

In my opinion having a better 4* is better than colors and if the enemies uses too much blues for attacking my ally and my Will/Kelile, then they will end strong blues for the second respawn.

So i want to do:

Agree here. It seems good to have kash protecting your red. But I will put the debuffer on the left so they go off first

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Hi :slight_smile:
Thank you for reply;
So if i got well you means to do like that?




Another point are my troops: i have 4 star trup for yellow and blue but only 3 star trups for double red and double green

Sabana — caed — wilbur — khah — kelile

What does it change to have Sabina-Caedmon on left side instead of right side? Sorry for ignorance

I feel that it’s better to hav them on the left to remove any postive stats on the opponent before the rest attack

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I’m sorry but i still dont get why being on left side would make them getting faster mana (?)
With my knowledge of the game i think that left side is the same of right side, its important only the center and the middle (for exemple dont put Magni/Buddy/boril etc all lateral but in middle or flank)

Wait i got now xD.
Thats because of the order of spell power. First left and late right. Thank you guys

hmm time to go rogue? I’d leave and hunt them down with this team, take every last cup.

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