My epic defense team


Please see and give feedback on my epic defense team


I don’t think my Wilbur-BT-Khagan-Mariana red combo can beat this.
How you make this powerfull team?!


Just a warning, rumour has it aife is getting nerfed next month! You might want to feed some layla 's up sharpish


@Radar1, I feed them nothing but Aife to get such a strong team. Oh and it helps if you change your username to contain the word Aife inside

@dragonst666 really?? Damm maybe i have to go back to gold arena if that happens


Aife never seen anything like it :rofl:

How are you going to decide who gets the emblems, though?


The first maxed Aife, aka the tank of the team. She needs to hold the line while the rest charge up for the Aife chop special to team wipe the opponent


Good call!


This is such bs!! I’ll never get good heroes like that and you have 5!! I’ve been playing this game for 6 months and have spent over $10000 and I don’t have 1 of those…I quit


Lol. I almost can’t tell if you are joking or for real =p


That’s how everyone seems to react to everything on these forums…

This should get merged with the Rediculous Bragging Thread


Look, we’re all jealous of the lineup he/she is waving around. But that’s no reason to go off the deep end. Just save up your silver tokens and do a pull. The odds aren’t great, I agree. But with a little luck you can get one Aife, maybe two. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always TC1.


level up those talents and I think you’re on to something there


I recommend you start a band. It will make all the haters go away (maybe???) I have found the band name to be king.

Band Names


Your first Aife have talent, buy how do you know which one is your second Aife? Third Aife? Forth Aife? Fifth Aife?


Or you can farm hard to get Aife


Not really. I have received complains from my alliance members that I am killing titan too fast. I better not upgrade them anymore.


What witchcraft is this? TWO Aifes in one loot drop??? I’m lucky if I get a single Petri…I mean Derric.


Lol. What gene should go for? Country music because green heroes?

Nice Gimm team anyway :slight_smile:


I got 2 super secret Aife summon tokens and they works!

I will feed the by all my 5*, I need her for next war


Wow 2 Aifes in a run. Mine was 2 Aife in 2 runs (using golden tix) yours is better than mine.

This guy really know how to create the best team ever