My emblems disappeared when I reset Isarnia [Solved: (Post #5) Emblems reset are of original character's emblems not costume]

When I reset Isarnia emblems 9 level they disappeared. Did not go bacjk into bank to be used on another hero.Please explain!

Can you take a screenshot of your emblem inventory please? :slight_smile:

Inventory > General > Emblems

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You have 619 wizard emblems. From Isarnia I guess?

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Do you have Isarnia’s costume? Her costume is Sorcerer, but the emblems have to be applied to the original which is Wizard.

But I was only showing 35 emblems after I reset.I am still only showing 35 emblems!

Yes that sounds correct since I had Learn is leveled to 9 on emblems.

See D2’s answer above. You used Wizard emblems for Isarnia, even for her costume. :slight_smile:

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I used emblems for Isarnia then costumed her. HOW does that affect the reset?

I want to use them on another wizard! Where is that in the rules we cannot do that?

Because the base emblems for Isarnia is Wizard when resetting you lose the emblem path on the costume as well since it is based on wizard (original) Isarnia’s configuration.

Unless you’re saying you had 619 wizard emblems originally and didn’t get any emblems returned after resetting Isarnia.

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She is back to level 80 no costume and NO EMBLEMS.

You can only apply Wizard emblems to Isarnia even with a costume, the costumes uses the emblem path from the original Isarnia. When you reset you got the Wizard emblems back, and that removed the path from the costume as well. You did not apply Sorcerer emblems to her, so you would not get any when resetting.

So you’re saying you had 619 wizard emblems before reset which means for a tier 9 isarnia you had nearly 1200 wizard emblems?

It is still DIRTY pool! Not fair to honest players!

All I am saying…I got her to a level 9 emblems. I then costumed her. I decided I wanted to level up another hero and reset her emblems. Now you are telling me I lost ALL the emblems regardless! How is that fair???

Are you going to answer me?

You did not lose the emblems…a level 9 Isarnia has 570 Wizard emblems applied. If you didn’t have 619 emblems already, then the emblem you have in your inventory is about the right amount.

I have 35 emblems in my account. That is why I am complaining. I sent the sceenshot.

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