My costume nightmare

So I am f2p and have been for months now after being c2p for about 1st year and 2nd year f2p. But I bought the Oct and Dec vip for gems plus the vday gifts helped so I had 4100 gems. I was saving for 10x on ATL or likely s3. Even though I’d likely get 3,4s I’d be happy.
Today after the costume quest I had enough for 7 pulls from randomw and not pulling last month. I had the screen open to chamber when it happened …
I have narcolepsy from sleep apnea. So I have had buildings move as tc20 collections early if I dozed off and pop awake. So you see where this is going…
I wake up to see the rewards screen with multiple bane’s and Gunnar’s and it hit me. You did a 10x with those gems. Best I got was rigard costume. So I did the other 7 from keys…why not since Viv was out but nothing but 2 melendors. Great those are fine. But it’s soooo painful to know I used the one chamber id never spend on as it has s1 only but doesn’t even have the 2 I still need, sartana and marjana!
So I thought about that too. It’s a real ripoff for the chamber. Yes odds are better but you don’t have full pool access and it’s still only a s1 at best. Then they put them in s3 portal too. You’d think that for as much as we see them they’d be the best or at least good enough to compete.

I guess my consolation is that maybe I’d have gotten only 3s from s1 if I did a Valhalla 10 but that’s unlikely. Even in ATL I could still use Wilbur who I don’t have. But no now I have Mel and rigard who are good and I have at +20 both but I’d rather have a new s3 4 or Wilbur you know what I mean?

Anyone want to start a GoFundMe to get me enough gems for a 10x…j/k(lol no not really it’s only $10 using the event and AR sales…) Why oh why…It happened before too. Not long ago I had about 5 in each of 3 tc20 waiting for AR and do monthly collect. Woke up and saw Leonidas at 1.1 and was happy as he’s last yellow I need(Viv max, Joon max plus 2 dupe, 3 1.1 Justice so he was nice)
But I also lost my chance at malosi or Telluria which hurts and I didn’t get JF with 17 total pulls from the 10x and 7 key pulls.

Ok nuff complaining. Maybe should have put in rid comp thread but who knows. I might nod out and it’ll end up in alliance recruiting …lol. ughhhhh sg whyyyyy.

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Maybe you just expected too much.

Every time I’m drawing I expect to get only rare vanillas and I seldom get disappointed. :wink:


That’s terrible to hear

…it sounds like you could use a nap…

But seriously I remember dozing off in the middle of the day or mid-activity when I had sleep apnea at it’s worst, so I feel for you.


I’m with you in general. And I really feel bad for you that this happened. I feel asleep playing once right after queueing up about 300 baby mana potions. Woke up to see I had clicked to spend 300 gems to skip the timer. Not as bad as yours, but still a bummer.

That said, season 1 heros do compete with the more recent ones. I use Lianna, Joon, Khagan, Isarnia, and Kadilen (in different lines) every war beating defenses that are all “special” 5* heros. I use Rigard and Melendor too… Along with a variety of season 1 4* heros

Season 1 heros are vanilla is style but still very competitive when used properly.

Problem with costume chamber is once you pull a costume, all other copies of that particular costume are totally useless. One costume is enough for all the copies of that hero you own. Of course, you also get the hero, but if you pull in the costume chamber, the heroes are not what you’re aiming for, are they?

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You can use the other costumes to level up your costume very fast, so they’re not entirely useless. You also get the main hero and it’s sometimes good to have multiple versions of the same hero.

Costumes are cheap & easy to level-up. Hero doubles actually worth keeping apply to only a select few 5*. Melendors, Rigards, Sonyas and company we get more than we bargen for from TC20. So far I would say Joon and Lianna would be worth keeping doubles. No point in keeping multiple Elena or Horghall. They’ll never ascend. So, yeah… pretty much worthless if you ask me…


I already had a max Mel and rigard both +20 and they’re already at 3.x on costume side too. But I may at some point level a second of each advi have 2 rigards plus a ton of Mel’s, game gave me him 1st and often but rigard only recently. But I have to choose to use the hot versions or reg versions until I do level a second one. The Mana bonus is awesome since I already had Mel with l11 troop so he was 9 tiles. But rigard only gets 2% boost plus the costume for 7 so now a l5 troop should make him 9 tiles instead of a l17. I think that’s right.

I also got Gunnar who I never leveled but 5 costumes I figured I would since a 3 only takes 3.1 then just take costume to max and each spare gives a ton, 1 fills the whole first level tob1.30. hawkmoon I had max so I’m doing her costume too. Already had bane and tyrum max plus costumes from first time. And brienne I am maxing to use her as well. At first I’m doing the hero and costume on same hero then maybe a dupe to have both effects likevw rigard or Mel.

No Viv or lianna plus that loss of gems really still hurts but maybe I’ll get sartana or marjana from tc20 this month and malosi from when I use my EHT unless I go for Telluria . But 17 pulls today got no jf yet a single coin pull got Grimble w pixie so who knows…lol.

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You just need 5% more, so lvl1 mana troop is enough.

You will benefit from maxing the costume. It would take one day to max. Then he will be your staple hero for challenges amd 3* tournaments.

I will, I have 5 costumes but never leveled the hero. Hes great for tourneys. But thevpain of waking up to thatcsucked so bad esp w s3 right here.

Had a similar thing happened to me a few months ago. My phone was on my front shirt pocket while the game was open and somehow, due to some random movements we routinely do, my account was already summoning elemental pulls x10 and got several feeders. The second experience I had, also phone on my front shirt pocket (different shirt), and it summoned unneeded dupes of 4 and 3 star troops of various colors. But previous to these, I had a new member, a few days old one, being kicked by my phone while also on the front jacket pocket. He didn’t come back even if we had a nice conversation with the entire alliance.

Holy ■■■■, I read that. Why?

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