My Colour Chest Again repeated Craps Loots

My last colour chest given1 Damascus Blade, 3 silver token n others craps !
Again colour chest that i just open again given 1 Damascus Blade, 3 silver token additional 1 Fine glove!!

What happen to all Hero tokens and Troop tokens?

Total diapppointments.

I think this is the thread you were looking for

Mind you, if I got a Damascus blade from back to back chests, I’d be posting here



Dude 3 out of my last 6 elemental chests had no unfarmable ascension materials. You were gifted 2 4* ascension mats. That’s good.

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What did you expect?

A DamBlade isn’t that bad imo.


An additional candidate:

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Forgive my insolence, but a Damascus blade and fine gloves are wins in my book…
Ofc those silver daily tokens are rubbish but hey u got good ascension materials !!! I would be happy for that rather than tornados or troop tokens … Just saying


You need Damascus Blades for each and every final ascension for 5*. I’ll take em if you don’t want em… :wink:

Seriously? I’d dance in the streets for that kind of loot!

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I don’t see complaining about fine gloves either – you need them for every four AND five-star hero. No point in getting extra tokens to pull for heroes if you can’t level them…

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