My Breakdown on E&P


I am here just to share my thoughts about this game. I’ll be breaking it down into Map, Raid, and Events, and the other side things about the game, saying the goods, the bads, and perhaps somethings the devs can do to improve it. It’s probably a bit ranty so feel free to gloss over as you see fit.

These are all MY opinions in the short while i’ve played.

Just a little background:
Been playing for about 3 months.
Haven’t dropped a single penny on this game yet.
The main team i run, which happens to be my best team is:
MAX Caedmon 8/8 skill
MAX Rigard 8/8 skill
MAX Hu Tao 8/8 skill
MAX Gunner 5/8 skill
Level 30 last ascend Gormek

Overall theme of the game:
It’s a fairly simple game. Match gems to attack the monsters above. Gain “mana” for your heroes so they can use there skills to either save your team or defeat the enemy faster! It reminded me of Puzzle quest in a few ways, and that’s what got me to continue to spend a few more months playing the game, and hoping i can get some stronger guys!

“The Map” (I call it farm land )
The place where you spend a decent amount of time in. It’s the outside world of the game, and also the place to continue the story quest.

The Good
-The hub is pretty easy to understand. Higher number means harder place. Harder places also require more map energy which makes sense. Also shows you which loot can be drop in the Province.
-Toughness progression is pretty decent. I do feel like there was a minor spike once around Province 12 (that might be because i was still running a full 2* star team!), but it’s not that big of a deal breaker. The game shouldn’t be easy

The Bad
-It would be nice to know prior to entering the battle how much hp each guy has or a recommended Team Power you should have entering the fight. When you are completely clueless on how powerful the enemy is, it makes the fight feel very overwhelming when you get completely wrecked by just the first wave.
-Variety of battles is very lacking. The combination of special skills the enemies get to use on the boss stages and “Winged” maps is very stale. It’ really fell down to either “aww boo my team is lacking a few levels. back to grinding” or gem luck. Having a good team composition triumphs just made the game way too brain dead.

Feedback for Devs

  • Add a recommended team power or HP knowledge prior to the fight.
  • Be way more creative with the skills the enemies can use. (A good example would the the new Challenge quest you guys just pushed out with the 3 pirates at the end. It was hard, even with a good team composition. It actually required you to use ITEMS!)

After completing the Outpost structure, you can have an extra button to press on the screen called Raid. Essentially this allows you to attack other people and raid their food and ore resources STACKED up in their outpost.

The Good
-Allows PvP, which most people do like to do. It’s nice to compare and see how your team stacks up against another team. You also get to see some pretty creative team comps and some you do not want to run (5X Gunners…)
-Gives you a CHANCE of gaining some resources you might need to make a building or upgrade some of your heroes!

The Bad
-Trophies. What are they used for? Being the best on the leaderboard? So its just used for bragging rights? IMO, thats kind of dumb.

  • Revising the defense time attack time. If nobody is actually aware of it, another fellow here mentioned that it felt like they made attack much more difficult. The devs confirmed it and made it A LOT MORE noticeable these recent patches. I feel like this was a bad idea as when bad boards fly your way, you being the attacker have such a huge disadvantage. It’s already as tight as it is even with just a decent board that’ll give you 3 combos once every 3 matches. In some ways, it makes a lot of sense as if anyone plays “Risk”, defender always wins. [This one is more of a Rant than anything since Trophies are so useless in the game]

Feedback for Devs
-Got to give trophies another purpose than bragging rights. A suggestion i had in my mind was make it so it’ll help you spawn a random coloured gem during your titan attacks. As an example. every 1000 trophies you have, you’ll start the titan attack with a gem. So with how the leaderboard is looking now i think the max someone can have is 3(Only one guy has 3000 trophies from last i checked making this post). Hitting 2000 trophies would be an ideal target for most, which is actually quite difficult to hit if you keep what you have done with attacking.

  • If you do decide to give the above idea a try, id suggest lowering the trophy gains for successful defends. Perhaps add resource loss for the losing attacker or gain some simple 1* or 2* crafting items for successful defends.

Quests/Wanted Missions
Quests are unlocked after you hit level 10. They are a side thing you can do with your map energy to perhaps gain some resources, OR THOSE 3/4* ASCENSION ITEMS. Wanted mission are essentially quests again, except they want you to kill monsters, or heroes, or titans.

The Good
-Wanted missions are SMALL encouragements to continue to play the game and get some extra resources. Continue the story quest or farm for materials, and finish the wanted mission at the same time. What a sweet deal! Same thought train applies for raids and titans.

  • Quests are a nice way to get stuff. Mainly those 3/4* ASCENSION ITEMS.

The Bad
-Right now, the rewards for Wanted missions are total crap aside the kill 150 of a specific element. There’s is so little reason to do them. It’s more or less something that just gets done because you happened to be doing those things.
-The rare wanted missions and rare ascension item quests are way too random. There was that one period of week where literally there was 4 days straight of rare ascension items. Out of my total time played, i think I’ve only gotten 5 rare 150 kill quests out of 3 months.
-Lets not even talk about the 5 titan kill wanted mission. Lets face it, its a joke for what you have to do for it. (see talk about the titan section)

Feedback for Devs
-I have a feeling you guys are changing this and are monitoring it quite often as people have been suggesting this as a long time. I’M AWARE that if you just give the ALL THE good items all the time, then you’d guys be outta a business. So how to have a decent balancing act, without losing the customers? An idea i had was to have the special ones atleast occur once a week. Every week, say Saturdays, have the Rare ascension item quest appear and the kill 150 of a specific colour appear. This would also mean you’d have 4 Wanted missions appearing on your screen, and 3 quests to possibly complete when you enter that screen. This may be too many rare items dropping perhaps, but that’s up to you guys as the devs to decide what the right balance is. Right now flooding it with tons of sudden ascension item quests isn’t the fix I BELIEVE you guys want.
-Add special Raid wanted Quest? Maybe have a pre-set of 40 heroes you’d have to beat up in a row without dying? completing will finish the special Raid Wanted quest. Maybe only 1* items are allowed to be brought? Just a thought.

Side things to do in the game
This section will include, titan attacks, and the things to do in town. I’ll break it down just like before

Titan Attacks
Once you join an alliance, you’ll have to work together to beat up a big baddy. These guys have tons of hp, and hit quite hard. You also only have 1:30s to do your damage! Once defeated, it drops items for everyone in your alliance! yay~

Good thing i like about titan attack is its working with a bunch of other people towards a common goal to help everyone in your alliance get some items. They are quite tough and not big push overs. So far my alliance is stuck at a 7* titan. We barely get through 50% of its hp.

Bad thing (ahem… COUGH) as many others on the forum have mentioned are the loots. Its gross. It’s random. It’s pissed many of my alliance members off for working so hard, and getting jack squat.

Feedback for Devs I think its pretty clear the loot table needs to be fixed. I don’t know what options you guys have looked into but, is it possible to start removing 1* items off the loot table say after 5* titans? Then Remove 2* items after 7* titans? This may cause a big surge of sudden better items to drop, but i have a feeling A MAJORITY of people are around the 5-7* titan area. This may cause a big beef with (Oh well the stronger are gonna get even stronger now) now that 8*+ only drops 3* items. It’s an idea, and something to be thought about, but the loot table needs some serious changing. Maybe another idea is to guarantee a 3 or 4* craft after 5* titan, and 3 or 4* ascension item after 5* titan. Something to encourage people to keep playing. It’s very depressing when someone gets A+ rank, only to get 3X practice swords and 3X adventure kits.

It’s a town/stronghold. What do you expect else from here? It’s home base for anyone. Develop the land and make your place prosper!

**Good thing ** i like is there’s quite the amount of space to be building stuff! I like a town/stronghold with it filled with things, not an empty lot.

Bad thing is it’s not very customizable. I’m aware it’s kinda terrible later on as I’m sure people would of sacrificed their multiple Crafting buildings for some extra IRON storage space.

Feedback for Devs
-Perhaps make the iron storage provide a bit more storage space so i dont feel like i always need 20000billion of these things being built just to upgrade my stronghold. Either that or have it so people can build whatever they want and can sell buildings once they’ve maxed out thier space, depending on level they are at. This may cause some uproar as someone could just build all iron storages and just max out the stronghold to 20 asap. (PERSONALLY, this is a small problem and can probably be left alone, but i’ve heard some beef about it and i thought i’d just let you guys know.)

  • I know there’s been a topic somewhere (i can’t find at the moment) about someone mentioning an alchemy lab or something like that. It’s a great idea and just wish to piggy back on it by it allowing you to make ascension items. It might solve the ascension item problem, and again, up to you guys as devs to decide upon it. Certainly have to be extra careful with what items are required, but it would make sense that the 1, Mystic Rings may need 10 Hiddens blades to create. It shouldnt’ need 10 Sturdy shields to make a Mystic Ring (Red ascension item needing a Green ascension item to craft? )

I’ll add my feedback here on the new challenge you guys have implemented.

The Good
-It’s actually hard. You require some brains walking into these fights. They aren’t a cake walk.(I really like how the 3 bosses special abilities really stack and hound you good.)
-Tier rewards. Gives you atleast something for finish it. Everyone gets something for being able to finish a tier.

The Bad
-Break down of ranking rewards. As the main topic one says, it literally gives only the top 1% of players a reward of something. As many people have said, “stronger get only stronger”.

  • the <501 reward is really gross. i think it should give just a little bit more, say some pots? maybe atleast an epic summoning token?
    -Boss heroes claimable as your own?

Feedback for Devs
-I’d propose to add an YOUR alliance ranking tier list reward as well. This SHOULD offset the the fact that the spread for the rewards are really bad. I wouldn’t know what ranking should give what, but it should be split up similiar to how titan chests are rewarded. Top player gets best. 2-5 will get something 6-15(i think?) get something and rest should get something. There shouldn’t be any complaining about who gets what in your alliance. After all, you guys are all working together to beat the titan up anyways aren’t ya? If you jump ships to a low level alliance, prepare to never comeback to a 7/8* beating up titan alliance. lol.
-Spread out the range of rewards. I don’t know how many players play this game but making it so only the top 20 get something decent? There are 30 people in my alliance so… it literally is only 1% of the population of this game getting something decent. Even other RUNNING games even have a bigger spread than this. This is really nasty. You guys decide what works best.
-Better rewards for <501 ranking. Can we atleast bump this to an epic hero token? Just for trying the 2nd tier atleast should yield an epic hero token.
-Remove those bosses a claimable heroes for yourself. I think this was a poor decision to add those. Create some other heroes instead.
-Why not add GEMS as a reward instead of that massive stock piled ascension items? (see suggestion below for what to do with gems) cut the amount you get by half, and reward some gems instead.

Other side things that didn’t exactly belong to anywhere but i something i’d like to say to the devs

  • Another shop for just specific coloured ascension items? perhaps have it rotate once a day, where it can give either a 3 or a 4* ascension item for 300 gems. There should only be 1 available to buy a day as well. Another idea to help with the ascension item problem. I’m aware there is a similar one, but it contains 1* and 2* items.
    -A bundle for 5* and 4* troop? I see you guys have one for 3*, why not go all the way and provide one for 5*?
  • Hel should not have been in the game. AOE stopping mana with average mana speed gain with stats to match Sartana? i think that’s a load of BS there. On top of that, she destroys yellow heroes, the one that causes blind and could slow her down. Please no more adding heroes like her.
    -No more enemy boss monsters that can be claimed as our own heroes. If anything, promote the hero of the month. I think this allows you to reuse some of those monsters for that SEASON 2 adventure that might come out.
    -Winged Map 3*+ hero drop rates? Is it possible to get a number on this?
    -Endless Mode? Maybe add something challenging where there’s an infinite amount of waves coming at you. Longer you last, the better the rewards.
    -How you guys laid out buying the heroes is actually quite nice. If you are looking for a specific colour, just wait for it. It’ll rotate around once again it gets there.
    -Variety of heroes. Lots of everything for everyone to do stuff! Full meat head team, Full attack. 5 healers. It’s quite endless the possibilities.

Overall thoughts of the game as of Today

Even after all i said, I STILL BELIEVE its a solid phone game. It’s gets you to use up some of your time during the day for some enjoyment of kicking some monster butt. There’s a lot of variety in the heroes you can build around in and they can make for some fun teams. The only real issue is progression seems to take longer than expected thanks to RNG.(Ouch to that guy who spent A LOT OF GEMS on Musashi). Once the right balance between grinding and getting the ascension items to come out, this game will rock the phone world gaming.

TLDR; It’s a good game, but ascension items are a pain in the butt to get right now.

(apologies if its messy :sleeping: )


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